Mom’s Best: Curry Pork Ribs

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Proudly present one of my mom’s best dish – Curry Pork Ribs 咖哩排骨 she cooked last Sunday!

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The curry/chilli paste used is bought from a stall in the market, not those packeted ones sold commercially. We only need to tell the lady what type of curry we want to prepare and the quantity needed and she will pack it for us. Choosing the correct curry paste is important, a wrong one will spoil the whole dish’s taste. The pork ribs must be carefully chosen so that they won’t be too hard but soft and tender when cooked. Economy rice stalls and restaurants usually sell this at RM1 per rib!

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Mom prepares the dish with really thick and rich gravy, best taken with pipping hot roti canai. Not even nasi kandar’s curry can match the syok-ness of my mom’s curry , no kidding! :P There was some left over but happily taken away by my uncle for dinner lol.

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