MQL Steamboat @ Icon City, Bukit Mertajam (With Fave)

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MQL Restaurant Icon City BM

It’s perfect if you are looking for a place to enjoy a meal with family, or to catch up with your friends over a cuppa during this festive season. In fact, I took my family to MQL Steamboat in Icon City recently for a pre-reunion dinner to experience steamed food with congee, something all of us never tried before.

The concept is all about steaming the freshest available raw ingredients using a high power electric steamer, which allows you to enjoy them at their original form and flavor.

Fave deal MQL Steamboat Combo Icon City

The deal I bought was a seafood and meat combo for 4 people which includes a seabass, tiger prawns, scallops, chicken, chawan mushi, mushroom and vegetables.

MQL Steamboat Raw Porridge

For congee you can opt for minced pork, pumpkin, sweet potato, preserved egg, or even all of them if you want. Dried scallops are available at RM10, recommended as a natural alternative to MSG.

MQL steamboat Fave deal redemption

For voucher redemption, simply swipe when you are at the restaurant. Totally paperless and the other thing I really like is that a lot of these deals do not require reservations. Just walk in and enjoy when the mood to eat strikes.

Every ingredient requires different length to cook, all controlled by a timer. For example, prawns only need 3 minutes while fish takes 10 minutes.

A couple of seafood such as flower crab, NZ mussel and clam need to be booked ahead, otherwise the chances are you won’t be able to order them. Reason being, the seafood needs to be really fresh so booking is required so they could get the stock ready for you.

MQL Steamboat Tiger Prawns

MQL Steamboat Steamed Scallops

MQL Steamboat Steamed Seabass

MQL Steamboat Meatballs

Among all the a la carte items we had, the tiger prawns, sea bass, dumpling, herbal chicken and pork ribs were all great – provided that you pick the right sauces to go with them.

MQL Steamboat Steamed Tiger Prawns

They are pretty generous with the tiger prawns @ RM18, recommended and satisfying.

MQL Steamboat Cooked Porridge

MQL Steamboat Porridge with Meatball

At the end of the meal when the congee has been cooked (from scratch) and absorbed all the essences and flavor of the steamed ingredients, it has become sweet and flavorful with an almost creamy consistency.

MQL Icon City Bukit Mertajam

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