Mummy’s Noodles House @ Pandan Indah, Ampang

Mummy's Noodles House Pandan Indah Ampang
Mummy's Noodles House Pandan Indah Ampang

Looking for a comfortable yet affordable place to have a good meal? Mummy’s Noodles House is a newly opened, family run restaurant in Ampang that fits the bill perfectly.
They specialize in traditional Pan Mee, Yee Mee and a couple of side dishes. Based on the setting, food and service, you’d expect their menu to be pricier but fortunately that’s not the case.

Mummy Noodle House Menu

Most of the noodles here are RM6.90 a bowl except a handful which go for RM7.90. That’s only slightly more expensive than what you get at the normal hawker stalls – but you get to enjoy a cleaner cafe environment in return.

Spicy Chili Pan Mee

Like most Pan Mee restaurants in town, Mummy’s Noodles House also serves the dry and spicy version. Their homemade chili paste is more savory than spicy, so the standard version is suitable even for those who can’t handle really hot food.
For those who prefer a spicier taste, simply request for more chili and you won’t be charged for it. If I were to nitpick though, the poached egg is a tad overdone for my liking.

Dry Chicken Curry Pan Mee

The Dry Curry Chicken Pan Mee is an equally delicious alternative. The chicken curry is prepared with noticeably stronger spices which enhanced the overall aroma. You can see they are unstinting with the toppings, as the noodle was completely covered in chicken and potatoes.

Minced Meat Soup Pan Mee

For something less exciting yet satisfying, their signature Minced Pork Pan Mee is recommended. Although the soup was deliciously tasty, you could tell that it wasn’t due to artificial flavoring nor with the addition of MSG. In fact, we enjoyed the soup so much that half of it was gone before we even started eating the noodle.

Rough Pan Mee

Pan Mee is one of the healthier noodle around considering it’s often handmade fresh on the same day it’s sold. This is especially true when you compare it the usual yellow noodles, koay teow or rice vermicelli that are mass-produced in factories and laden with additives and preservatives. So it is not hard to see why Pan Mee is getting more and more popular.

Chicken Lobak

Mummy Noodle House Chicken Lobak

One of the side dishes we had was the Chicken Lobak (fry chicken roll) @ RM5.90 for 2 pieces. If you ask me, this is somewhat too cheap and it made me wonder if they actually make any profit by selling this dish at such low price. And while it certainly won’t beat the pork version, this rendition is decent enough to share among few diners.

Fried Dumplings

We also tried their Fried Dumpling (3pcs @ RM5) which came recommended by the owners. Each dumpling was filled to the brim with tender fish paste so it was well worth the price.
Personally, I’d like it even more if there was more variation of texture in the filling. Maybe some addition of water chestnuts, carrots or mushrooms would help.

Homemade Herbal Drinks

Drinks wise the offerings are pretty standard stuff. We had their homemade bamboo cane juice @ RM2.50 and Aiyu Jelly Ice @ RM3. Both were nice and refreshing and more importantly, not too sweet.

Mummy Noodle House Pan Mee Restaurant

Mummy Noodle House Ampang

I have nothing against hiring foreign help but I am pleased to see that Mummy’s Noodles House employs locals to run the business. One of the staff whom attended to us is a friendly and efficient aunty who made us feel welcomed.
Lastly, parking could be a challenge in this area but luckily they have 4 reserved parking spots for customers who eat here.

Mummy's Noodle House Ampang

Mummy’s Noodles House

11G, Jalan Perubatan 4
Pandan Indah, 55100 KL
Tel: 03-4288 3349
Business hours: 8am – 6pm daily (off days not fixed yet)

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