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Mum’s Tart – 100% Homemade Pineapple Tarts

Mum's-Tart-Homemade-Pineapple-Tarts Kuala Lumpur Halal
Mum's-Tart-Homemade-Pineapple-Tarts Kuala Lumpur Halal

Just for the record, my mom makes the best pineapple tarts and for me, the taste is second to none. I used to help to make them and I know how much work and sweat go into making these delicious treats. So we wouldn’t sell them even when there were offers to buy them.


If you are looking for traditional and high quality pineapple tarts either for own consumption or as festival gifts, check out Mum’s Tart.




FYI, Mum’s Tart has been in business for 6 years and their pineapple tarts are 100% homemade. I think it’s important to highlight that even the pineapple jam used is cooked from scratch because a lot of home bakers actually purchase the jam from factories. While there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with that, they can’t exactly call their products homemade anymore.


Only fresh Morris pineapples are used to prepare the pineapple jam filling and minimal amount of sugar is added for just a touch of sweetness.
As for the shortcrust pastry, it’s made with high quality pure creamy butter (SCS brand) and does not contain eggs, so it’s vegetarian friendly as well. You can definitely taste the difference when you pop one into the mouth – the pastry is rich and full of buttery flavor.


There are a couple of reasons why Mum’s Tart gets my vote of recommendation. First and foremost, it can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of faith. Secondly, the price is actually on par with what the others are selling but you can be assured that the tarts’ quality and value. It’s as natural as it gets just like what your own mom or grandmother would bake.



For those staying in Klang Valley, you can self-collect the pineapple tarts at their home in Batu Caves, or you can have them delivered for a reasonable fee. Postage is also available for those who are based in other states.

Mum’s Tart

4 pcs/pack – RM4.50 (door gift – minimum order 100 packs)
30 pcs/container – RM23
50 pcs/container – RM35

Delivery charges:
Between RM15 to RM30 in Klang Valley

Postage charges:
RM52 per order of 50 pcs/container in West Malaysia
RM58 per order of 50 pcs/container to Sabah
RM60 per order of 50 pcs/container to Sarawak

Self-collection point:
Mum’s Tarts
Address: Lot 535-4 Jalan Amzil, Kg. Lembah Melewar, Gombak, Batu Caves.
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/QFL6ZGoYMjM2
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mumstart88
Tel: 012-328 9565 (Lin) / 017-264 7508 (Yan)

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