My Cookbook Restaurant @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara (CLOSED DOWN)

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***This restaurant is no longer in operation***

My CookBook, a restaurant that left me with mixed feelings. It is owned by an acquaintance of a close friend. So, if not for his recommendation I don’t think I’d ever step in for a meal. I left glad because I tried something nice and new, but furious because I spent more than I should have – all thanks to the waiting staff that didn’t even bother to tell us that set lunch was available. If we had the set lunch, we could have paid much lesser with the same amount of food ordered.


I have come across many chicken rice with different shapes of rice, from the normal half-sphere to ball to pyramid shapes. So it is only about time a new one appears, and this time it’s cylinder shape. The chef has cleverly re-invented a food that is so common among us into something interesting, that could entice anyone to try it just by the looks. The only drawback is the price, RM15.90 for a portion of chicken rice that will not leave an average eater full.


There are several reasons I could justify the expensive price tag. Among them are the employment of a former hotel chef to prepare this supposingly hotel standard chicken rice, the use of only chicken thigh meat in every serving, the double boiled chicken soup that tasted pure and authentic, plus the amount of effort required just to churn out the roasted chicken alone.
In case you haven’t noticed yet, there’s no part of a chicken that looks like a cylinder with skin so perfectly attached. This meant the chef actually had to skin and debone the chicken thigh’s flesh, roll it up, then carefully wrap the meat with skin before cooking it. Sounds easy but I am sure it’s a hell of a tedious process. The end result is a tender roasted chicken roll with skin so crisp that you could actually taste the snapping. The rice could be better though, as it felt kinda lumpy.


My friend swears by the double boiled chicken soup with Shimeji mushroom, in which the latter was missing (because it was shown serving together in the menu) But honestly, anyone in this world who knows how to cook Pak Cham Gai could boil even tastier ones. Good thing is there wasn’t any hint of MSG and you could actually taste the chicken in it, not the artificial kind.


If you like thick and rich curry you could probably try the Barley Pandan Rice with Chicken Curry, priced at RM15.90 as well. Instead of minced meat/prawn, two whole prawns were used as the fried dumpling’s filling.


Sour plum and iced lemon tea, RM5.90 each. Nothing special maybe except for the fact that they substituted the normal ice with flavored popsicles.


My advice is not to order the Mozarella Cheese Ball, even if the waiter highly recommends it as his favorite. It was pathetic and not worth the RM8.90 price tag – not even close. T.G.I Friday’s Mozarella Cheese Sticks could easily put this to shame.


If you are here for lunch, make sure you ask about their set lunch and don’t end up paying more like me (RM57.75 for this, including 10% service charge) Despite that, their chicken rice is really worth trying at least once, I’d give them that because I enjoyed it. There are some other interesting items on the menu like River Prawn Porridge and Duck Egg Char Koay Teow, and also common food like Wantan Mee that are creatively presented.

My Cookbook
A-12, Sunway Giza,
No.2, Jalan PJU 5/14, Kota Damansara, PJ
GPS Coordinates: N3 09.082 E101 35.479
Tel: 03-6140 6113

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