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My Elephant Thai Restaurant by DooDee @ Happy Mansion, Section 17


Thai food lovers in PJ should have heard of My Elephant already. It is one of the best Thai restaurants in PJ and you would be surprised to find it situated underneath the humble flats of Happy Mansion at Section 17.
For a first timer to My Elephant, scepticism is unavoidable because of the rather dodgy surroundings especially at nights. But allow me to clarify first that the food at My Elephant is great and this restaurant is definitely a keeper.


My first visit to My Elephant was during lunch and we only had a simple meal – one soup plus two dishes. Tom Som @ RM18 (small) is their best-selling soup, which is a clear prepared with Galangal, Lemongrass and Lime so the taste is a appetizingly sourish. Try to think of it as a non-spicy version of Tom Yum, it’s about there actually. You may have it with chicken or fish but the latter is the recommended, which we took.


Gaeng Keow Wan (Thai Green Curry with Seafood) @ RM20. I only have one small problem with this dish which is the amount of seafood given. Well they were two huge and fresh prawns alright, but the rest like squid and fish slices were pretty little for the price paid. The green curry was so delicious I could drink it. I am not kidding here, that’s just how good it was.



Khai Jiao Ho Mok (Special Egg Omelette with Otak-otak) @ RM13 is absolutely delightful with a very fragrant and refreshing taste. One thing though, where is the otak-otak mentioned?


The rice served here is actually a mix of Hom Malee (Jasmine Rice) and Brown Rice. It’s RM3 for a pax and I am not sure too if it could be refilled. To be honest I didn’t really like the rice we had that day as it was cold and lumpy. Different story though on my second visit, warm and fluffy.


Some traditional Thai drinks like Pandan Cooler, their super cooling thirst quencher @ RM3 and Thai Iced Tea @ RM6. I didn’t get to try the other “cooler” drinks like KraChiap (Thai Roselle) and Green Mango but the Pandan one was really refreshing with a whiff of pandan aroma.


Now for my second visit just a week after my first. This time I went with a bigger group so we could try more things. Deep Fried Popiah @ RM8 is not bad but tasted forgettable, not that impressive if compared to the other dishes.


I absolutely loved the Gai Yaeng Tar Krai (BBQ Chicken Fillet with Chopped Lemongrass) @ RM15. This is one dish that I won’t mind ordering again despite the small serving. The fillets are just so tender and delicious, kinda hard to explain. Just try it, you won’t be disappointed.


Ordering the Khai Jiao (Thai Style Egg Foo Yong with Assorted Vegetables, Fresh Herbs & Minced Prawn) @ RM13 means I had tried all the omelettes My Elephant has to offer. The otak-otak omelette mentioned earlier was already great but this one definitely takes the cake.
Maybe it was due to the herbs used, Khai Jiao smells much more fragrant and just tasted better. But in terms of serving size it is much smaller. I wouldn’t be surprised the omelette disappears only after one spoonful from each person lol.


Lastly, we had My Elephant’s Jungle Vegetable of the Day, which happened to be Four-Angled Bean @ RM15. Stir fried with sambal like sauce and prawns, I was surprisingly pleased by the alluring flavor which had a strong wok hei. Nice!


What I have mentioned above were not all the food we had. We also had Chicken Tomyam @ RM18 and Miaeng Kum (a DIY appetizer where you wrap Daun Kadok with various condiments and topped with Tamarind-Plum sauce) @ RM12.
Well there aren’t any photos for these two because they didn’t look too presentable. But I assure you both of them are worthy dishes to order at My Elephant. Just note that although the Tom Yam here is said to be “SUPER SPICY” in the menu, the spiciness is actually quite mild and also, the milky version is served here.
I would be lying if I were to say the food here is cheap because they aren’t, maybe reasonably priced at most. So if you are looking for a cheaper meal (less than RM10 per pax) their set lunch is a good start with a very very attractive pricing too, starting from only RM8.90.

My Elephant by DooDee (Website)
C-G-4 Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13
Section 17, Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.353 E101 38.084
Reservation: 010-220 1283

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