My Europe Trip 2010 – London, England

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Just to share some photos of the Europe trip I embarked about a month ago. Yep, for the entire month of June I was not in Malaysia so any blog updates were actually pre-written posts lol.
Anyway, we covered England and most of Western Europe‘s countries like France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and also Czech Republic in a span of 28 days. Also, we did a brief stopover at Belgium just to catch the Eurostar back to London. Instead of dedicating a post to detail each and every place we visited, I think an executive summary of our trip in the country would suffice.


I flew with Emirates and arrived in London after transiting at Dubai. Stayed at Malaysia Hall in London, which provides affordable accommodation to all Malaysians – cheaper if you are a student studying in UK.


We had a full English breakfast and a fresh salmon toast with scrambled egg at a cafe nearby. Almost all eateries in London offer full English breakfast at 4-6 pounds, and surprisingly our first breakfast was also our best. Even the coffee was great!


Then we visited Sherlock Holmes’ Museum at Baker Street – only saw the building and went into the museum’s gift shop instead lol. Simply because we thought the entrance fee was not really worth it – felt more like a tourist trap.


The area was quite special.. it was scattered with Sherlock Holmes’ sign especially at the Tube station (London’s underground)


National History Museum boasts a grand interior, it mostly exhibits life and earth science specimens. One of the major reasons we visited was because it is free.


And the famous skeleton of a dinosaur is the center of attraction.


Walking in one of the many London’s underground tunnels.


Which brought us to Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design with a collection of 4.5 million objects. It is seriously huge and to really look at each and every exhibit would take you forever. Again, it’s free so the experience was really worth it.










The above are some glimpses of what to expect in V&A: the countless statues, columns, paintings, metalworks, jewelery and etc, simple impossible for me to show them here. All I can say is it was a very eye opening experience – even for a non-artsy person like myself lol.

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