My Europe Trip 2010 – London, England

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Saw the London Eye at night. It was raining for the entire day so summer didn’t feel like summer at all, more like winter to be exact.


Maybe it was due to summer so many construction works were being carried on throughout Europe. Not only the roads needed repairing, even the landmark buildings were under repair – like Westminister.


St Paul’s Cathedral, a church has been the tallest building in London for over two centuries ago so it warrants a compulsory visit as well. Just take the bus as a relative comparison and you would realize its humongous size. This was also where the wedding of Diana, Princess of Wales was held -watched worldwide by millions.


London Bridge proved to be a boring bridge but rewarding enough, since you get a nice view of the Tower Bridge.


The Tower Bridge, which got its name because it was situated near to Tower of London is perhaps the most recognizable bridge in London, even an iconic symbol. You would have seen this suspension bridge countless of times in TV already. But being able to walk on it, now that was a totally different experience.


The Tower of London, also known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress is actually a castle which has also been used as an armoury, treasury and others. We only saw it from outside as the entrance fee was a killer, very costly.


But still a never ending queue was forming to visit the castle.


Fresh oysters with wine to go, anyone? This stall was located not far away from the castle.


A view of the Westminister Palace from a park nearby. A lot of picnickers here are mostly the working crowd having their sandwich lunch.


The Westminister Hall is a beautiful historic building, a must see for anyone visiting London.


Another view of Westminister.

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