My Europe Trip 2010 – Milan, Italy



At the left transept is the Altar of Madonna of the Tree.


A staircase leads visitors to the Crypt of Charles Borromeo where he is buried. He was a saint and cardinal who was responsible for significant reforms in the Catholic Church. The treasury and choir can also be found just beside the crypt.


Intricate designs at the entrance of the crypt. I didn’t take a up close photo of his coffin because I thought it would be rude.



Milan’s streets radiates from the Duomo and there are so many directions to go for. Many squares are found in the ‘inner circle’ of Milan, resembling a giant bull’s-eye with the Duomo being its heart.


Desserts served at a random cafe in Milan. Looking at these made us hungry and off we went hunting for food. It was difficult considering the immense number of bakeries, cafe and restaurants available in Milan, they are found at every corner!


Since we didn’t know which restaurant was good we simply followed the suggestion given by my travel book – pizza and desserts at Princi Bakery. It was not until recently that I knew the famous bakery was opened by renowned gourmet baker – Rocco Princi. The delicious pizzas were baked in squares and sold according to the slices’ weight, definitely something new for us who have had only round pizzas in Malaysia.
The bakery was especially full during the lunch hour rush so we had our food at the Duomo square. Most people do takeout anyway due to the limited seats. It’s a pity no photography was allowed in the bakery because the variety of pizza and desserts they had was just great. We had two slices of pizza and a wonderful strawberry dessert for only €10.50, quite cheap.


Gelato bought at Jeli & La next to Burger King, €4 for 3 scoops. Delicious!



Located at the northern side of the Duomo is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a covered double arcade formed of two glass-vaulted passageway dotted with shops meant for jet setting shoppers.


Imagine LV, Prade and Gucci. How much is one LV trolley again? lol. Besides being a shopping arcade, it also connects the Duomo and an renowned opera house – La Scala.


Plenty of elegant shops, cafes, bars and restaurants (including McDonalds!) can be found here. Some of them are even the oldest in Milan. The Galleria is one important landmark in Milan that I think many of you have seen in the various medias.

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  1. Had been the places , the photos recall me all the nice things there. So miss Milan…So miss Italy.. so miss Swiss… so miss Europe… Thanks for sharing…

    • hi Annie, the pizza and spaghetti were had at a normal restaurant, not any hotel. I am sure any restaurant there serve the same thing for similar prices

      it is of course cheaper and more flexible to go via free and easy but you must really make sure your plans are done well. there are many times we were lost and wasted some precious time. with tours, that don’t happen much often.

  2. I will have to take a train to Mantua at the Milan Centrale train station. When I enter the building, do you remember if I need to go to a specific Floor #, or head on my left, right to get directly to the tracks? Thanks (I do not speak Italian, so I do not want to lose my time at the information counter). I know the tracks for Mantua are in between 18-23. Are the tracks accessible right from the entrance level? for on specific floors? Thanks


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