My Europe Trip 2010 – Milan, Italy



Castello Sforzesco Wall

Then we visited Castello Sforzesco, a castle that used to be the seat and residence of the Duchy of Milan. Now, it also houses some of the city’s museums and art collections.

Sforza Castle garden

Near to the Dukes Courtyard is a small, beautiful garden and some pools.

Sforza Castle fountain

To be honest there isn’t much to see at the castle, except if you plan to visit the museums as well. But since we were on a budget trip… we had a walk in the Sempione Park instead, wanting to see the Arch of Peace.

The Arch of Peace

But then again the arch was a huge let down due to the enormous amount of graffiti under it. And the Sempione Park was nothing better too. It was dirty and simply couldn’t compare to those in England. I felt it was a complete waste of time visiting this park.


So we returned to the Duomo for the evening view. I did mention before the Duomo was the nicest place in Milan right, lol. You will see plenty of photos of the cathedral in this post. Since the evening shot was pretty plain and boring, I did a HDR rendering. The end result was a lot better and even manage to look striking!

Milan Triumphal arch

The Milan Triumpah Arch is also best viewed at night in my opinion. It is in fact the entrance to the galleria from the Duomo.


Then we chose a pizzeria not far away from our hotel for dinner. Strangely enough it was run by a Chinese family.


A Spicy Beef Pepperoni pizza costs only €7 here, which can be shared between two person nicely. To get such a portion for that price is a steal in Milan. And it tasted quite good too, baked in wood fire using a traditional stone oven.


Even the Spaghetti Carbonara was nice, definitely one of the cheesiest, creamiest and milkiest I ever had. €7 only.



The next morning we ascended to the Duomo’s roof walkway. Even if you choose to take the stairs, you will be required to pay €5 for each person. But trust me, this will be the best €5 you will ever spend in Milan, as the view from the marble terraces up there is fantastic. For elder people, there is a lift service at €7.

duomo gothic arch

You can have a close examine of the Gothic flying buttress and the white pinnacles on the roof, instead of looking at them afar from the ground.

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  1. Had been the places , the photos recall me all the nice things there. So miss Milan…So miss Italy.. so miss Swiss… so miss Europe… Thanks for sharing…

    • hi Annie, the pizza and spaghetti were had at a normal restaurant, not any hotel. I am sure any restaurant there serve the same thing for similar prices

      it is of course cheaper and more flexible to go via free and easy but you must really make sure your plans are done well. there are many times we were lost and wasted some precious time. with tours, that don’t happen much often.

  2. I will have to take a train to Mantua at the Milan Centrale train station. When I enter the building, do you remember if I need to go to a specific Floor #, or head on my left, right to get directly to the tracks? Thanks (I do not speak Italian, so I do not want to lose my time at the information counter). I know the tracks for Mantua are in between 18-23. Are the tracks accessible right from the entrance level? for on specific floors? Thanks


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