My Europe Trip 2010 – Switzerland

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Located at five-thousand feet above sea level, Murren is popular during summer and winter with tourism and winter sports playing an important part in their local economy. Hostels are aplenty here with 2500 beds in total, a huge contrast to their low 450 population.


The view outside the Murren Station.


We had our lunch at a cafe next to the large sports center. This was my first time having Currywurst and I got hooked to it immediately. Who would have expected that sliced hot dog with ketchup and curry powder could get along so well together? Well, the Germans did.
Currywurst was quite addictive for me and I am sure it will be a hit in Malaysia if someone is able to reproduce the taste. After this whenever I saw Currywurst being sold I had the urge to eat it, lol.


The Cheese and Ham sandwich was good too. You gotta eat to have enough energy for the one hour hike yo.





Snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, hills full of dandelions and wild flowers, farms and free roaming cows accompany you as you walk along Niedenmatten, the main road leading to Gimmelwald from Murren.

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