My Europe Trip 2010 – Switzerland

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Because we were too engrossed with admiring the scenery and taking photos, the original one hour hike took two hours instead. So we only stayed at Gimmelwald for a while only before because it was getting late. Gimmelwald is even smaller than Murren with only over a hundred population.


One of the very few hostels in Gimmelwald – Mountain Hostel. It is pretty obvious how the hostel got its name.


Took the cable car down to Stechelberg, another small village as seen in the photo. Para-gliding is a popular activity here. The distance between Stechelberg and Lauterbrunnen is quite far so we had to take a bus. The bus arrives every hour so while waiting we visited the surrounding area.


Not far away from the Schilthornbahn (cable car station) is the Lütschine river, which flows into Lake Brienz.


Following the river upstream will lead you to Murrenbach, the highest waterfall in Switzerland at a towering 417 meters. If you hiked from Murren to Gimmelwald you would see its starting point along the way too.


More cows grazing at the bottom of the waterfall.


Although there is a butchery, dairy shop and a supermarket in Lauterbrunnen they all close very early at 5pm. So if you don’t get your groceries earlier like us, you will have to eat at the pubs or restaurants instead. A typical main course at the restaurants costs about 20-40CHF and about 10-15CHF for a spaghetti at the pubs.


A three course meal at Hotel Schutzen @ 36.50, with grilled steaks of three different meats as the main course.


We tried a Swiss traditional food called Walliserplatte @ 11CHF, basically a platter consisting of cold cuts.


Panna Cotta that was included in the course meal. Overall Hotel Schutzen’s food was OK but their service could have been better.. service was rather slow. Even tap water is chargeable here so if you are keen on saving forget about it.


The day lasts longer during summer in Europe, it was still quite bright outside our dorm considering the it was around 9pm.


The next day we boarded the earliest train to Jungfrau. For Eurail pass holders here’s another good news, you get to purchase the morning ticket at a discounted price @ 121.40CHF (normal price 135CHF, 1CHF = ~RM3) Besides being able to purchase the ticket cheaper, you also get to stay at the mountain longer. The normal morning ticket subjects the holder to return in the noon, while Eurail holders can stay until the last train for the same day.

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