My Europe Trip 2010 – Switzerland



I have to admit the ticket is not cheap, it’s about RM400 after conversion. But keep in mind you are not paying just for boarding the train, you also get to enjoy the magnificent view along the journey, which in my opinion is a priceless experience.



The above are only a handful of what to expect while traveling in the train. If they look beautiful enough in photos, imagine seeing it in real.


The train shown earlier does not go directly to Jungfraujoch, as you will need to switch to a red colored rail that runs on rack railway called Jungfraubahn to continue the remaining 9km journey. The rest of the journey from here are mostly in the tunnel so take as many photos as you want before this.

Kleine Scheidegg railway station

The Kleine Scheidegg railway station at 6762 ft above sea level, as seen before entering the tunnel.


Just minutes before reaching Jungfraujoch, the rail would stop in the middle of the tunnel at Eigerwand station for a while to let passengers observe the mountains through a windows.



Some of the most beautiful photos of the mountains can be captured here so treasure that few minutes you have. Because it’s a totally different view up there.


The tunnel connecting the Jungfraujoch train station and the large complex built with a hotel, restaurants, an observatory, a research station and an Ice Palace.


If the weather is clear, take the opportunity to go to the outdoor immediately to walk on the snow and touch the glacier. This is where your polarized sunglasses and hiking boots will come in handy. Your eyes won’t be able to see properly due to the strong glare up here, made even more intense due to the snow reflection. If you are keen on skiing (for newbies only) you can try it here for 35CHF, no time limit.


The Ice Palace was nothing impressive, really.


Some of the ice sculptures in the Ice Palace. We didn’t stay long because it was too cold.


Located on the mountain top is the Sphinx Observatory, accessible only by lift used for weather observation. It also has a platform for visitors to enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains. Depending on the weather, the viewing platform could be closed due to falling icicles.


The view as seen from the platform. At 11,782 ft, it was very cold up, around 6°C.


The restaurants at Jungfraujoch was too expensive for us so we had our dinner at a pub in Lauterbrunnen. Gotta cut our spendings after each of us forked out more than RM500 in one day alone.

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  1. i’m going to switzerland to study soon! but my school is at leysin, near to montreux, the french speaking side of switzerland. you made me wanna go to the german side ( zurich and all ) for a trip after reading this post. stunning pictures ! =)

    • I think so, my friend who went to New Zealand and Switzerland said that although NZ has a more beautiful landscape, it is not as diverse as Switzerland

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying your pics. Very breath taking. Yeah, to be fully enjoying one’s vacation, I’d rather stick to fewer destinations but instead spending my time leisurely soaking in the environment.
    .-= J2Kfm´s last blog ..Pasta House @ Ipoh =-.

  3. Hi, We are planning a trip to Swiss soon. How many days do you think would be sufficient to spend from Geneva-Montreux-Zermatt-Interlaken-Lucern-Zurich? Any other tips?

    • Honestly I cannot advise you on anything. But from your itinerary you would need like at least more than 1 week to have a proper vacation.
      Interlaken alone I think you could spend 3 days and 2 days for Zurich

  4. Hi there, i am planning for a visit to Switzerland but is at lost as to what apparel to pack. Did you wear hiking boots for the hike? Or normal sneakers will do?

  5. Hi Vkeong, how much did you spent in this Swiss trip?
    and how you went Swiss from Malaysia?
    Coz I have to plan a trip to Swiss too :D

    • Hi Rain
      Swiss was part of my stop when we toured Europe. I went there by train from Paris. Anyway it happened so long ago so I don’t really remember how much I spent just for Swiss alone. But for my entire 1 month trip I spent about RM15k inclusive of everything (flights as well)


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