My favorite Mee Goreng


What’s your favorite breakfast? Could it be dim sum? Nasi lemak? Wantan mee? Tosai? Or do you sometimes wish you could be having something from another state altogether? Well I do miss Sarawak’s Kolo Mee and Laksa. And I also know many Malaysians abroad are missing the local food so badly they are dying to return. Too sick of bread and pasta I guess.

mee goreng stall

One of my favorites would be this nice mee goreng stall just minutes from my house in Bukit Mertajam. The old couple has been selling mee goreng here faithfully for the past twenty years.

mee goreng

Mee goreng is also known as ‘Jawa char’ in Hokkien. Most Chinese hawker stalls sell this along with Jawa mee. The ingredients are simple: ketchup, prawns, light soya sauce, prawn fritters and tau kua. But the end result is super yummy, the smell alone made me walk faster back to home. Can’t wait to savor it lol.

mee goreng

Despite being obscene looking, this is the best mee goreng for me. You may think that my opinion is biased but after eating it for twenty years, it has become a part of me. The moment I sink my teeth into the crunchy prawn fritters, I was the same small boy who walked to the stall to purchase his favorite pack of mee goreng all over again.

*Edit: Sorry guys I forgot to include the location, and the photo of the mee goreng! My bad. Location: Behind Golden Wheel Hotel, go straight into the road until you see a junction to your right. The next junction to your left is where the stall is located. Morning only. Refer map below, please bear with my crappy paint skills lol:

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  1. hehe I knew this question would pop, so I included that in my post above :P They only sell the mornings nowadays. Last time they used to sell in the evening too. Maybe due to old age.. now only sell in 1 session lo

    *Anonymous, they are available for breakfast only. Usually people would tar pao instead of eating there (because table/chair is limited). But you can still eat there if you want :)

  2. Hi Vkeong,

    Yes, you should go and try out Shanghai Ding. Before you order, you ask for the boss and tell him / her that you are a friend of Rasa Malaysia and maybe you will get some extra good stuff. Also ask for the special VIP card for your next visit. I like their mango cheese, xiao long bao, fried seafood radish cake, bolo bao (pineapple buns), and the new Shanghainese dongbo rou (braised pork stomach), pokey mouse, and nan lu tau sar (red bean paste bun) on my review.

    About my photography, I use Canon Rebel XT. Yes, I do post processing and you can get the tips and tricks here:

  3. chingy – y you sound so cham lah lol. Koko krunch is also cheap and nice what :P

    Rasa Malaysia – Thank you for the heads up. I will try the food there probably this weekend.. I heard they’re not cheap.. hopefully the discount helps lol

    NKOTB – No ler, it’s not near to Jit Sin at all.. this is some where out of BM town area already.. more like residential area

    Konghu Lang – lol this is my first mee goreng in like 2 months? Thanks for the link, I’ve read something similar in a forwarded email

    JJ – Yup it is yummy, cheap somemore!

  4. Hmm nv knew they existed, Should try it when i go back to PG next time. Hv u tried the Indian mee goreng at Tmn Sentosa? I was told it was brilliant. But i nv had the chance to try it. Or duno they still there or not ….

  5. heard about the wantan mee in that area from my friends but not jawa char… what time uncle and auntie open? maybe skip tahpao aia rice and go tahpau here instead….
    for so many years i only eat jawa char from 2 stalls, taman sentosa foodcourt and my fav indian uncle’s stall at the corner turning to dimsum city…. stall beneath big tree…


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