My Honeymoon Dessert House @ Sunway Pyramid

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Last Friday I went for an invited meal at My Honeymoon Desserts House @ Sunway Pyramid, a restaurant owned by a husband and wife team who share the same passion for the best desserts. The whole idea of coming up with their own dessert restaurant first started when they were celebrating their honeymoon in Hong Kong and stumbled on Chung Kee Desserts, which is well known for its creative Chinese desserts. This is also how My Honeymoon’s tag-line “Our Desserts, You Honeymoon” was born.


Hundreds of dessert ranging from traditional sweet soup, sweet ball, summer special, icy swallow, crystal grass jelly, sago, special granulated ice and many more are available in My Honeymoon’s menu. And like always we like to start with something light on the stomach like the pillow-shaped Mango Pancake @ RM9.


My cutting skill sucked, plus the plastic knife wasn’t exactly sharp so please pardon the mess lol. My Honeymoon insists on a 50-50 ratio of whipped cream and mango for the pancakes so customers need not worry about being shortchanged. The succulent mango was sweet, largely due to the fact that only Philippines mango, the sweetest mango in the world is used.


Two sweet balls (available in peanut, custard or sesame flavor) come with an order of Sweet Ball Peanut Cream @ RM8. The peanut cream’s smoothness is a result of using manual hand grinder instead of machines to prepare it.


Mellow Fellow Pastry @ RM16 is considered one of My Honeymoon’s signature dessert. It is basically a dessert created by arranging layers of jellies, fruit cubes, paper thin pastries and blueberry sauce on each other then topped with a scoop of ice cream.


Drenched in blueberry sauce, Mello Fellow Pastry was the sweetest dessert among all we tried.


Jelly Bean is a type of tasteless, translucent balls closely resembling the sago pearls we see most of the time. According to My Honeymoon, Jelly Bean is only available in Hong Kong and they are the only dessert house in Malaysia serving it. Jelly Bean Passion @ RM16 looked interesting from the menu so we ordered one to try. Two mini jugs of Mango sauce and milk serve as the dressing.


Personally I didn’t really like the Jelly Beans because of their hard texture, I still prefer our local sago pearls.


Durian Pancake was an enjoyable fare and like the Mango Pancake it also employed a 50-50 ratio for the durian filling and whipped cream. As soon as the Durian Pancake was served, the durian fragrance immediately filled the air. And that’s even before they were cut! My Honeymoon simply does not skimp on the ingredients and the raw materials are of high quality as well. Highly regarded as the best of the best durian, Raja Kunyit aka “Mao San Wong” durian sourced from Bentong is used to prepare the durian filling.


Mango Glutinous Roll @ RM9 – the sweet Philippines Mango was again much appreciated but I found the grated coconut’s taste to be too strong and overwhelmed the dessert. And I thought it was very expensive too.. RM9 for two slices of mango is pretty insane pricing.


Lastly, Sweet Memory @ RM13 – a milk (imported from New Zealand) based dessert that comes with a lump of purple rice and durian flesh. According to My Honeymoon this is a dessert with health benefits, as purple rice is very nutritional, high in fiber and rich in iron. It also has a distinctive nutty taste, quite delicious when eaten together with the slightly sweet milk.


Since opening on Valentine’s Day 2009, My Honeymoon Dessert House already has three outlets at Kepong, 1 Utama and Sunway Pyramid. Next, they are planning to expand to Bukit Bintang and IOI Bouvelard. Customers dining at My Honeymoon are guaranteed that the desserts would taste the same in whichever branch they go to. This is because they have a centralized kitchen where all the desserts are first prepared by a chef from Hong Kong, then distributed to the outlets.
Overall I would recommend the Mango and Durian pancakes the most, followed by any desserts with durian included because they are generally quite good. That, and the excellent customer service aside (the outlet manager gives good explanation and recommendations to customers) I feel it would be nice if the price can be lowered to suit the majority’s budget, though I understand that imported ingredients will incur higher cost.

My Honeymoon Dessert House WWW (PORK FREE)
LG1, 118A Lower Ground 1,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Business Hour: 10AM to 10PM

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