Nana’s Green Tea @ 1 Utama


Green tea is known for its healthy properties. So using it to make desserts is a great way to attract not only dessert lovers, but even the health conscious customers.
Although Nana’s Green Tea is a chain cafe, its niche to offer green tea related desserts in the forms of hot and cold drink, parfait, slushy and jellies separates itself from the others in town.


I flipped through the extensive menu and thought the prices are actually quite steep for desserts and there’s also GST on top of them. And for some reason the prices have funny decimals too.
For example the Matcha Anmitsu (green tea ice cream, red bean paste and mochi served on a bed of jelly and syrup) has a price of RM18.48. That’s some really weird pricing man.


I’d totally recommend the Matcha Kuromitsu Slushy (cool green tea slushy topped with whipped cream & syrup) @ RM10.78 – I’d probably order this again if I were to return here.


The Kinako Warabimochi (jelly made of bracken starch dipped in sweet toasted soybean) @ RM16.28 is touted to use a zero-calorie ingredient, which are the gelatinous jellies you see above. Besides being zero-calorie, they have zero flavor too.
You could only taste the roasted soybean flour they’re dusted in and the sweetness from the brown sugar syrup. It almost feels like eating mua chee, except that mua chee is a whole lot tastier and more enjoyable.


Overall I was neither impressed nor disappointed by Nana’s Green Tea. Nevertheless, it’s something unique that’s may be worth trying once, but I think this is probably it for me.

Nana’s Green Tea
LG355, LGF, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

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