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Nasi Kandar Line Clear, off Penang Road


Nasi Kandar Line Clear located in an alley off Penang Road, between two buildings offers one of the most authentic nasi kandar in Penang. Being in business for nearly 50 years, it is also among the oldest nasi kandar stalls. If you didn’t know, Penang is the place where nasi kandar is born. It has become so famous, that many nasi kandar stalls and chain restaurants are mushrooming all over Malaysia.

If there’s something stopping me from eating nasi kandar, it would be the price. Well, and sometimes being health conscious lol. Most restaurants charge exoribant price of RM6-7 for a simple plate of one meat and two vege. You can be put that worry aside when eating at Line Clear, their nasi kandar is very reasonably priced.

line clear nasi kandar

For example, a plate of nasi kandar consisting of a whole curry chicken thigh, curry beef and a vege costs under RM7, with lots of rice given too!

curry chicken

The curry chicken is so cooked so tenderly that it falls off the bone as you cut it. No kidding! Most nasi kandar stalls I’ve been to prepare their dishes with mild spiciness. This lacks the ‘kick’ for me because I like my nasi kandar spicy! Thankfully Line Clear’s curries are spicy enough to win my heart. So, if you are like me who loves their nasi kandar spicy, Line Clear will not disappoint.

nasi kandar

Don’t be surprised if the staff talks to you in Hokkien, I somehow felt that their Hokkien is more fluent than mine lol. Service is also top knotch, the uncle who served me was very polite and patient. Every question I had about the dishes, “ini daging apa? apakah itu?” he responded nicely without any sign of frustration. Line Clear has also received a fair share of media coverage, and even Kenny Sia ate here once. He absolutely loved it!

nasi kandar

If you are unsure what dishes to take, do not hesitate to ask for their recommendations! Woah looking back at the photos, man I am dying to try the fried chicken, curry squids and prawns. The nasi kandar I have access to in Seri Kembangan and Cyberjaya couldn’t satisfy my cravings.. ahh I miss Penang and the food, glorious nasi kandar!

nasi kandar line clear

This road is quite hidden from the main road so make sure you keep your eyes wide open when looking for it. It is diagonally opposite Odean Cinema, a few shops away from the junction of Penang Road and Chulia Street. I usually park my car along Chulia Street and walk there. It’s much easier that way. Don’t be put off by the thought of eating in an alley, sometimes food tastes much better that way, haha.

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