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Nasi Kandar Sadam @ Segambut, KL


Segambut continues to surprise me with its offering of good food. Nasi Kandar Sadam is one of the busiest eatery in the area and it’s not hard to see why. Open for almost 24 hours a day, Nasi Kandar Sadam is frequented by the working class looking for a filling yet affordable meal. Besides nasi kandar, they also serve good roti canai which usually runs out by 10am due to the large breakfast crowd.

Sadam Roti Canai Segambut

There aren’t many choices for roti canai since they keep it simple and traditional. But you could still expect the common roti such as Bom, kaya, Planta, sardin and etc, all still reasonably priced from RM1 onwards.
A chat with the friendly workers revealed that Sadam has been in business for over 24 years. Their roti canai dough is made in house and always fresh with a discernible quality and aroma after being grilled. The roti kosong here is recommended for being light and fluffy with a slight crisp on the outside.

Nasi Kandar Sadam Curries

Nasi Kandar Sadam Fish-Head-Curry

They have a modest selection of curries and vegetables here but it was more than enough for me. As long as there’s mutton curry and a couple of seafood dishes and I’d be all set.


I was in the mood of spending and piled up my nasi kandar with quite a lot of dishes such as mutton curry, a large squid, a chicken drumstick and some vege. Like eating at any nasi kandar restaurant I was expecting quite a hefty bill. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I was told that this entire platter shown above cost only RM15.
I thought the price was more than OK considering the amount of meat and seafood I took. The mutton curry was deliciously tender and it’s quite rare to see good cuts such as cutlets being used for it. Overall, it was an enjoyable lunch and I really liked the fact that they make their curries spicy.

Nasi Kandar Sadam Price-List


Nasi Kandar Sadam (opposite Public Bank)
Jalan Segambut Pusat
Taman Teh Wan Sang, 52100 KL

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