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Nasi Lemak Kukus SS2 (Seapark)



Nasi Lemak Kukus SS2 (Seapark) is an extremely popular nasi lemak stall in PJ. Unless you get here super early, a long queue is always to be expected. Luckily, the queue moves fairly quickly so you do not need to wait that long for your turn.


Currently, the stall is manned by three brothers who took over the business from their parents. While queuing, an uncle in his 50s told us that he has been buying the nasi lemak since the brothers were still kids. So, it is estimated that the stall has been around for about 40 years, or even longer.


For those who value traditional cooking practices, you will be glad to know that the rice is steamed in a wooden container that gives it that fluffy texture. Then, you can choose from 8 to 10 dishes to go with your nasi lemak. Among all, the more popular ones are sambal kerang, daging rendang and sambal petai.


I took the sambal kerang, daging rendang and fried egg, which totaled up to RM8.


SL had the ayam rendang and sambal sotong which came up to RM8.50. On the whole, the nasi lemak dishes were good and well cooked (the beef and sotong were tender) but nothing to write home about. We felt the sambal is too mild and could use a spicier kick. Nevertheless, it’s still worth checking out because the portion is large and the price is reasonable.


Nasi Lemak Kukus SS2 (Seapark)
Gerai No.21, Medan Selera Ibumie SS2
Tel: 016-278 2222
Hours: 7am – 12pm (closed on Sundays)

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