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Nasi Lemak Volcano @ Tiger Tiger, Sunway



New restaurants are popping up around KL at a dizzying pace. For those who enjoy eating out, there is always a new place to check out and new food to try. Tiger Tiger is one of the latest restaurants to open in Sunway and their menu got my attention.


Tiger Tiger serves affordable Malaysian cuisine with prices similar to what you would get at the mamaks – maybe even cheaper. Here, you can also opt for extra or premium toppings to make a simple fried noodle or nasi lemak even more satisfying than it is.


For example, the nasi lemak biasa with egg shown earlier @ RM2.50 can be upgraded to Nasi Lemak Volcano @ RM10.90. Essentially, you get an extra chicken chop with curry gravy while the egg will be half-boiled to represent the lava of the volcano.
The presentation is pretty neat and matches its name. I like that the sambal is spicy which complements the savoriness of the curry and chicken. It tasted pretty good (though not mind blowingly good) and the large portion makes it good value for money especially for nearby college students.


For an even more elaborate version, try the Nasi Lemak Volcano Island @ RM29.90 which comes with a baby lobster. It is meant for sharing between 2 so the price also includes 2 drinks of your choice.
Portion wise it should be more than sufficient for 2 ladies. As for the guys, you will be delighted to know that an extra serving of nasi lemak is only RM1. If you do not fancy having the baby lobster, you can switch it for 3 pieces of tiger prawns instead.


Basically it’s the same for the rest of their food. Every dish has a normal version which you can further upgrade according to your budget and preference. So the Indomie Goreng with egg (RM2.50) can also be served with a baby lobster.


But if what you want is simply a more filling experience without breaking the bank, the extra side dishes available include fried chicken (+RM4.40), butter chicken (+RM5.40), chicken chop (+RM7.40) and gigantic squid (+RM12.40).


Nasi Lemak Goreng is not something new but Tiger Tiger’s rendition is probably my favorite – one that I would actually recommend after trying quite a few of them. It was expertly fried and the dish was tinged with an aromatic ‘wok hei’ that sets it apart.


Tiger Tiger Sunway

32, Jalan PJS 11/3, 46150 Petaling Jaya
Hours: 8am-12am (closed on Sundays)
Tel: 016-609 1212

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