New Lane Hawker Food


New Lane (Lorong Baru) is a street off McAllister Road in Penang that transforms into a food heaven when night falls. By 5-6pm, both sides of the street will be lined up with hawker stalls, leaving the patrons spoilt with choices.


Although the stalls are many, some of them are redundant. Char koay teow, satay, popiah, bbq chicken wings, fried oysters.. there’s more than 1 stall selling them. And there is some rules while ordering too. Take satay and popiah for example, you must order at least 10 sticks, and 2 pieces of popiah. Anything less than the minimum quantity, they don’t prepare it. In my opinion this rule kinda sucks, simply because sometimes we just want to try before ordering more. Hmm.. didn’t know such rule could exist in Penang..


Barbecued chicken wings and drumstick – Not very nice and a bit uncooked (notice the blood near the bones)


Chicken satay – So so only, and the gravy has a hint of rendang taste. They were prepared by the same stall where we ordered the bbq chicken, which cost RM6 for 10 sticks. If you ever come to New Lane, I’d advice to avoid this stall. There’s only 1 stall that sells satay and bbq chicken together and run by a Chinese family, so you know which. Try the others if possible, and let me know if they are good lol :P


Fried oyster – Tastes great, smallest portion goes for RM6. Besides fried oyster they also have char koay kak, which seems really tasty too. Must try it one day.


Beef koay teow (gu bak koay teow) – This is the nicest. Only RM4.50 per bowl and comes with lots of tender, juicy beef chunks. Initially it tasted normal but the chilli sauce makes all the difference. Gotta love the beef maw too!

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  1. The Lor Mee in New Lane that I ate recently is horrible…it has so much starch and has no taste at all…I heard the chi cheong chook is not bad .. but have not try it yet..Ya..the satay is not very special and it is quite expensive…

  2. U shud try thr char kuey kak. Owns by an old man who serves his food on banana leaves. Dont order it when there r too many ppl, cos the quality might go down.

  3. If you guys visit New Lane, please do not park your car at HAT Parking (opposite Sunway Hotel) as it’s very pricey and unreasonable! It will costs you RM2 per car eventhough the signage stated it’s only RM0.50 per half an hour! I was hesitate to hand over RM2 and asked several time, why does it costs RM2.. and he RUDELY said “semua kereta park kat sini I pun ambil RM2!” I am disappointed as “being robbed” and bullied by this petite-dark-skinned-Indian/Malay attendant!

    vk: That’s the nearest and most convenient place to park around New Lane if I am not mistaken.. I usually park there and the fee is calculated accordingly. Hmm, things changed?

  4. My fave Char Koay Kak is located in Jelutong market outside a shop selling women’s clothes. It’s kinda hidden away, not located near any coffee shop, can only tapau.

    vk: Jelutong market? OK thanks for the tip

  5. I guess you should try new lane fish bee hoon during the morning but the new lane fish beehoon will be closed on tuesday. Open from 8 am to 12 or something 11.


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