No Name Dim Sum Restaurant @ Jinjang


Compared to Kepong, Jinjang has only a handful of dim sum restaurants. But even so, I’m glad to say that my ‘yum cha’ experience at Jinjang so far has been good. Our latest discovery was this nameless dim sum restaurant so obscure that you will miss if you don’t look hard enough. Most of the restaurant is blocked by a curry house and their signage (a standing board that says “Dim Sum” with an arrow pointed to the entrance) is also badly faded.


But when you do find it, your effort will not be in vain because the dim sum here is really nice – fresh, honest and traditional with no lack of choices.


It’s hard to find Siew Mai done right like this nowadays. Just look at how tightly wrapped they are, the flavorful meat fillings are almost bursting out.


Prawn wrapped in bean curd skin – crispy, tastes fresh and not oily to the palate. And the last part is what matters the most.


The ‘Char Siew Bao’ here is exactly the type I like too. The sweet and gooey barbecue-flavored pork filling has a good balance of meat and fat for a juicy bite. Another bun that is popular here is the ‘Sang Yuk Bao’ but I have never been much of a fan mainly because of its size.


After the meal I had a brief chat with the ladyboss to find out why don’t they use a more prominent signage, or even use pick a name for her restaurant. She responded that it isn’t necessary because most of her customers are locals within the area who have long patronized her restaurant. Fair enough, but I am still going to help spread the word.


If you have a GPS you could just follow the coordinates I have provided below. The restaurant’s location is indicated above. In case they’re closed and you need an alternative, head down further down the road and there’s another decent dim sum shop called Kuai Lim.

No Name Dim Sum Restaurant (next to Ramaas Curry Corner)
Jalan Jinjang Utama, Jinjang
Business hours: Early morning till lunch
GPS Coordinates: N3 12.782 E101 39.547

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  1. To be fair, It used to be good during the first few years of its dim sum business but NOT anymore. I live locally and I’d say Kuai Lim is indeed better.
    If you ever visit Jinjang, maybe you could try Dek Gei bak kut the (just next to Raamas), and Bak Kut Teh in Xian Tai temple (next to PETRONAS station).


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