Tsubohachi Izakaya-Hokkaido (Snow Crab Menu) @ Publika

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For an Izakaya, Tsubohachi is alright in my book. One thing I feel they did right is maintaining the food prices affordable enough for frequent visits. They recently introduced a new, limited time only menu called Crab of Tsubohachi which features imported Snow Crab prepared in various Japanese styles.
Just to be clear, I was invited to try the snow crab dishes which were offered complimentary on the house while the rest of the dishes were self-paid.

Broiled Snow Crab

Even though the Broiled Snow Crab (Aburi Zuwaigani) @ RM58 comes only in half a crab, it still packs a good amount of enjoyable flesh especially in the legs. It tasted more salty than sweet accompanied by a whiff of grilled sea salt. The freshness is commendable, as the flesh is moist and flaky.

Snow Crab Chawanmushi

Snow Crab Steam Egg (Kani Chawan Mushi) @ RM12.90 was delicious. The steamed egg itself already had the exact texture and flavor that I personally like, so the topping of snow crab flesh was just the icing on the cake.

Snow Crab Japanese Fried Rice

Like the Chawan Mushi, the Japanese style fried rice infused with thickened crab meat sauce (Ankake Kani Chihan) @ RM22.90 was also extra delicious because of the addition of crab meat. The fried rice was executed reasonably well enough so all of us enjoyed this dish.

Snow Crab Seafood Nabe

But among all the crab related dishes we had that night, the Snow Crab with Vegetable Hot Pot (Zuwaigani Nabe) @ RM79.90 has got to be the best one thanks to its incredibly tasty clear soup. The crab meat fared better in this dish too, as you can appreciate the sweet and delicate flavor better.

Deep Fried River Prawns

And here’s some other dishes we tried from their normal a la carte menu. Deep Fried River Shrimp @ RM14.90. Looks good, crispy and savory – perfect to go with icy beer.

Grilled Potato Mentaiko

A dining companion who had been here before swears by the Potato Mentaiko Yaki @ RM9.90 so I had to give it a try. Unfortunately it arrived with less than expected cheese – I know because I compared it with the photos uploaded in other people’s blogs. Nonetheless, it was still good – just that it really needed more cheese for that satisfying gooeyness.

Steamed Clams in Sake

For RM15.90, I can’t really recommend the Steamed Clam with Sake because of its small portion. It’s not bad though, but you are probably better off ordering something which is more worthy of the price tag.

Grilled Salmon Belly

Grilled Scallops in Butter Soya Sauce

Other more worthy stuff include the Grilled Salmon Belly @ RM21.50 and Grilled Scallop with Butter & Soy Sauce @ RM9.90 (comes in 2 pieces). Both of them are equally delectable and well cooked.

Tsubohachi Izakaya Publika

The Crab of Tsubohachi menu will be available for about another 2 months. For those who wish to indulge in a feast of snow crabs cooked in different ways (I only shown like a quarter of the full menu) then better make your way soon.
Even if you are not a fan of crab, their other dishes are decent enough to warrant at least a try. Personally, I feel the food here is slightly better than the other Izakaya in Publika, which I shall not name.

Tsubohachi Izakaya-Hokkaido

A2-UG1-9 Publika Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6206 5526
Business hours: 10.30am – 1am

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