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Nyonya Laksa @ BESS Kopitiam (Bukit Baru), Melaka


Next time you’re in Melaka, do drop by BESS Kopitiam to give their award winning Nyonya Laksa a try. To be honest, I don’t usually put any faith in awards like these but in this case, it does have its merits.


If I remember correctly, it’s RM4.50 a bowl here and you have the option to add bean curd sheets as additional toppings. As with any soup based noodle, the soup itself is the most important part. And BESS Kopitiam nailed it right on.


The rich and savoury tasting curry soup had a good consistency in which it’s not too thick nor too diluted. The sambal, which is said to take 6 to 8 hours to make, is great as well and makes more than just a normal condiment. Even a small spoonful adds a nice spicy flavour to it.
A sprinkle of shredded laksa leaf (daun kesum) really works wonders here to liven up the dish, giving it a minty and fragrant aroma. If you ask me, a Nyonya Laksa just doesn’t feel or taste authentic without these fragrant leaves.


Here’s the award if you’re wondering, it was given out by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter whether this is the best Nyonya Laksa in Melaka or in the Malaysia. Because if it’s good, it’s good and everyone should know about it.


Besides laksa there’s also a couple of other Nyonya dishes being served here like Mee Siam, Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng and a variety of toasts – which are known as BESS Toasts. Clever word play here to imply they are the ‘best’.



Compared to another laksa I had previously at Yung Lai Siang, I still prefer BESS Kopitiam’s simply because their soup is thicker, or should I say more ‘lemak’ tasting. Again, that’s just me.

BESS Kopitiam
No 378 – C, Taman Sin Hoe
Bukit Baru, 75150 Melaka
GPS Coordinates: N 02°13.031′ E 102°15.979′
Business Hours: 7.30 am till 3 pm

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