Nyonya Valley Restaurant @ CyberView Garden, Cyberjaya

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Nyonya Valley is one of the better restaurants to eat at Cyberjaya and it has become one of our ‘to-go’ places. Their halal menu is extensive enough to cover either small or large dining groups, which is why Nyonya Valley is also an ideal restaurant for companies to have team lunch. The price is also fair for Cyberjaya standards – think chain Kopitiam’s prices but with slightly larger portion and better ingredients.

Nyonya Valley Nyonya-Curry-Laksa

Nyonya Curry Laksa @ RM10.90 + Durian Cendol @ RM6.90 are my usual order here. But do note that the Nyonya Curry Laksa here should not be compared the Melaka type since it is actually more like a more lemak-ish curry mee. The toppings (chicken strips, prawns, cockles, tofu pok) are always enjoyable especially the fresh and firm textured prawns.

Nyonya Valley Durian-Cendol

Durian Cendol is a favorite among my colleagues and I. We never fail to order it unless we are too full (because the portion is not small) or feeling thrifty. The durian flavor is strong, but not overwhelming so and the sweetness is just right. My only complaint is the green jellies, some which are still frozen when served. Otherwise, it’d have been better.

Nyonya Valley Char-Koay-Teow

From what I noticed, the Char Koay Teow‘s quality fluctuates so it is highly dependent on your luck. When it’s good it’s decent but when it’s bad it could get kinda wet and oily. But overall it has always been acceptable so far.
Besides the noodles mentioned above, the a la carte dishes here are also worth trying.
The Nyonya fish head curry struck me as the most memorable dish, while the rest are pretty good as well. But of course this comparison is made against the other restaurants in Cyberjaya, not those in PJ or KL.

Nyonya Valley Express

Nyonya Valley Cyberjaya

Nyonya Valley
CyberView Garden, Cyberjaya
GPS Coordinates: N2 55.175 E101 39.982
Tel: 03 8320 2728

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