Oldies Cafe Bar @ Jalan Sultan, Petaling Street KL

Oldies-Cafe Bar-Jalan-Sultan-KL-Steakhouse-Western Food
Oldies-Cafe Bar-Jalan-Sultan-KL-Steakhouse-Western Food

The restoration of pre-war colonial shops in KL’s Chinatown/Petaling Street into stylish eateries, hostels and cocktail bars have reinvigorated this part of the city.


What used to be known as a place to shop for cheap knock offs is now more of a spot for youngsters and tourists alike to gather and enjoy a cuppa.


Oldies Cafe Bar is the latest establishment to join the collection of restaurants here. The premise that they are occupying currently was built in 1931 and it used to house the Selangor Grocers’ Guild. Interior wise, it’s spacious and warm and not as cluttered compared to the other cafes in the vicinity.


Like the restaurant’s name suggests, it’s also decorated with various collectibles and antiques from the past. Some notable items include the world’s first motorized bicycle and His Master’s Voice Gramophone. And oh, they play lots of oldies too.

As for food, you can expect contemporary Western and Asian food such as steaks, seafood, pasta and local favorites. Very steakhouse like and different than the rest of the nearby establishments.

One of the reasons is because the head chef used to work at The Ship. If you have a keen observation you will notice the similarities in the plating and sauces served here as well.


Among the few dishes we tried, the Roasted Lamb Rack @ RM55.90 was our favorite. It features three pieces of extra large lamb cutlets that were expertly cooked, the meat is so tender!


There’s also a nice layer of fat which provides extra flavor. The portion of the meat and sides is satisfyingly large too and should be more than enough to fill up the average guy.


6 types of steaks are available – either charbroiled or served on a sizzling hot plate. And of course, as long as the steak is cooked to the right temperature (medium rare) it’s almost impossible to go wrong with it.

We picked the Rib Eye Steak @ RM53.90 with black pepper sauce and it was deliciously tender, pairs well with the sauce too! Not a fan of black pepper? Other options include garlic, wild mushroom, St. James, green pepper and Bombay sauce.


Oldies Mix Grilled @ RM42.90 combines beef, lamb, chicken, turkey bacon, sausage and fried egg in the same serving. It’s a great choice if you want to try everything.


Usually served in Korean or Japanese restaurants, Grilled Mackerel @ RM26.90 makes an appearance on the seafood menu. The flesh is rich in flavor on its own, moist and oily – apparent from the glossy appearance.

Unfortunately they ran out of the ‘Oldies’ sambal during our visit so we got Thai chili sauce instead. Not bad, but we think it would have tasted better with a spicy sambal.


After eating, you can proceed to the small patio for a drink – great for people watching and absorb the surrounding smell, sights and sounds too. Trust me, there’s plenty to see around here.


If you are a durian lover you may want to check out their Durian Latte @ RM12.90. It’s mixed with real Musang King flesh in powder form which is normally used for pastries. Because it’s Musang King, the durian aroma and flavor are strong. I would also recommend adding some syrup to accentuate the durian taste even more.


For traditional coffee lovers, the Shakerato @ RM11.90 will not disappoint. The chilled espresso has a thick froth after being shaken vigorously in a cocktail shaker.


Oldies Cafe Bar also serve lemonade, smoothies and a couple of mocktails – all reasonably priced and in line with most cafes in the city. Try the Mango Magic @ RM12.90, it’s a mix of blueberry, vanilla, sourmix and mango and packs a sweet flavorful punch. Perfect to sip on a hot afternoon.

Oldies Cafe Bar
78, Jalan Sultan, 50000 KL

Tel: 010-269 0990

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