Orang Hock Rojak @ Jalan Pasar, Bukit Mertajam

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In Bukit Mertajam, there’s a battle of fruit Rojak among three stalls all located at the same intersection. Even the stalls have similar names as well in like 黑人罗惹 (Orang Hitam), 白人罗惹 (Orang Putih) and 黑白人罗惹 (Orang Hitam Putih). Was it a case of riding on other’s fame to confuse the unknowing customers, or was it a lack of naming creativity, I really don’t know lol.
But if my memory serves me correctly, Orang Hock is the first stall and hence so-called the authentic BM Rojak. By the way, Bukit Mertajam’s rojak sauce is quite good and usually bought by visitors as hand gifts to bring home.


But as far as taste goes, I feel all three of them are quite similar. There’s really no distinctive difference except maybe on the quality of fruits that they use. But if you ask me which stall gives the most crushed peanuts, I’d say it’s Orang Hock’s.

But Orang Hock’s stall has a major drawback as being situated at the dirtiest coffee shop. Don’t worry because the stall is clean. So what I’d recommend is taking away, like most of the customers do.


Orang Hock’s Rojak sauce is nicely packed in a small plastic tub. After open, do refrigerate it to keep it fresh. My family used to keep a tub at home at anytime for dessert after meals. We would usually dip the rojak sauce with bit sized jambu merah (water apple) or jambu batu (guava). We even make our own crushed peanuts lol.
It’s really convenient and makes the fruits taste a lot nicer. I am not a fan of jambu batu because it’s tough, but I absolutely love it when it’s served with rojak sauce or sour plum powder.



The smallest portion goes for RM3 but it’s enough to be shared between two. You can see the stall is really clean like I mentioned earlier. And no the owner did not purposely cleaned up before allowing me to snap this lol.


Now lets take a look at the other rojak stalls – White People Rojak (Rojak Orang Putih) just across the street.


And Rojak Orang Hitam Putih diagonally opposite Rojak Orang Hock. The green building at the background is the coffee shop where Orang Hock is at. Funny in a way huh?

Orang Hock Rojak (near wet market and train station)
Jalan Pasar,
14000 Bukit Mertajam.
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.772 E100 27.643

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