Oreo WaferSticks

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Saw this in Giant last week, the wrapper says it’s NEW! Struggled a bit at first but decided to give it a try anyway, figuring that any OREO products would be good.

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OREO WaferSticks come in pack of 5 x 18g wafer sticks. The size is quite disappointing, measuring only a little bigger than my finger. Yeah I was fooled by the wrapper’s image of the wafer stick :P By the way, do you know how did the name OREO come around? According to Nabisco’s website

  1. OREO was named by taking the “RE” out of cream and sandwiching it between the two “O”s from chocolate – just like the cookie.
  2. The name comes from the word “OR” (meaning gold in French) – a colour used on early packaging designs.
  3. OREO comes from the Greek word “OREO” which means mountain or hill. When the cookies were first manufacture, it was shaped like a baseball mound – hence the name OREO.
  4. Some say the name came about because it just seemed like a nice, melodic combination of sounds with just a few catchy letters and it was easy to pronounce.

Now that’s interesting.. but only no.1 makes sense to me lol.

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A close up on the OREO WaferStick. Verdict: Worth a try out of curiosity, but you are better off sticking to REAL chocolate wafersticks or original OREO cookies. Why? Because after a week, there are still 4 sticks left :P

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