Pak Man Mee Kuah Ketam @ Cherok Tok Kun, Bukit Mertajam

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Pak Man Mee Kuah Ketam is a small canteen like shop at Cherok Tok Kun that is famous for their traditional Malay noodles that uses flower crab to prepare the delicious gravy. The stall is located located just at the intersection before you turn into the road leading to Bukit Mertajam hill.
I am not sure if Haji Mohd is a branch or somehow related to Pak Man because both of them seem to sell the same thing. But their noodles tastes different so I am guessing no.


When ordering, I stood next to the stall and noticed a big pot of simmering gravy used to prepare the Mee Kuah. It smelled terrific and the heat was very overpowering. By this I knew I was in for something special.
A normal plate of Mee Kuah Ketam costs RM3, or RM3.50 for the bigger plate as well as the Mee Kuah Special. Not exactly cheap for BM standards but I would say it’s worth it considering the generous amount of ingredients they give – chewy sweet and spicy sotong, prawns, ‘heh chee‘ (prawn pritters), tau kua, chilies, hard boiled egg and a sprinkle of crushed peanuts. Shown here is the Mee Kuah Special, which I think had extra prawns and sotong.

Pak Man’s Mee Kuah was awesomely tasty and hearty with a strong flavor, you can feel a lot of heart and dedication was put into it. I am not sure if any prawns were used to boil the gravy, but it sure tasted like a super thick version of prawn noodle with a slightly sweet touch. It might be due to the similar taste of prawns and crabs. After all they are both crustacean. Anyway for me the prawn fritters were the most enjoyable. Because although it soaked up a lot of gravy it still managed to remain crispy on the outer layer. Simply delicious.


The Mee Goreng was good but paled in comparison after you tasted the Mee Kuah. Being the sweet type instead of spicy, it had similar ingredients but topped with potato instead and had less crushed peanuts.


Prawns only come with the Mee Goreng Special @ RM3.50.


If you are looking to try something both unique and delicious, Pak Man Mee Kuah Ketam is a great choice. Just make sure you are ok with the cholesterol in each plate lol.

Pak Man Mee Kuah Ketam
Intersection before Tok Kun Hill
Business hours: 2pm to 7pm (Closed on Fridays)
GPS Coordinates: N5 20.813 E100 29.229

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