Pan Mee @ Serdang Raya


I have been using Serdang Raya‘s road whenever I go to KL. It is an alternative route to avoid any tolls, albeit the occasional jam. Along the road, there is a particular stretch with many used car dealers and workshops. A place like this would usually be quiet and deserted after working hours.
But, someone decided to set up a Pan Mee stall at the five foot way and managed to turn the place alive by night.

pan mee

I used to think it was some mamak stall. Until a friend decided to bring me to try his favorite pan mee, which turned out to be from this stall. It does not bear any name and only serve a handful of food besides pan mee, like red bean soup. The pan mee is available only in soup, unlike others which may also have the kon lo/dried version.

pan mee

The ingredients used are minimal and simple for this particular pan mee. Only flat noodle, sliced black fungus (mu er), vegetable and some fried anchovies – served separately in a small plate. Egg is optional.
I am not a big fan of pan mee, but it tasted pretty OK for me. Soup is light and sweet, maybe a little too light for my liking. This is where the chili flakes come in and spice up the noodle. It’d seem incomplete eating pan mee without chili, right?

serdang pan mee

Overall, quite good for pan mee. I still prefer to eat dried version, hmm. Anyway, the portion is big too and cost RM4 without egg. I also noticed that no one has ever blogged about this pan mee despite the brisk business.
So, next time when you use the Serdang Raya road, look out for this pan mee selling under the corner car service centre. Red arrow pointing at the boss preparing the noodles lol. What a healthy number of customers too!

This is the wikimapia to the Pan Mee’s location. It is directly opposite East Lake Resident, the very nice and expensive condominiums.

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  1. I only have one place for pan mee, and that’s under the tree/flats area near Bukit Jambul complex Penang… I like the dry version, and the chilli thingy is the best…
    Do you go there?

    vk: Yes, I have been there a few times :) Their pan mee is good, but portion wise is too small! LOL. See here, I blogged about it when I was really noob

  2. I am also a big fans for pan mee. I am also quite particular with the soup and also the chilli. And of course the pan mee itself… must be not too soft and not too thin. Haha. I am so fussy.

    My friend once brought me to a great place for pan mee. It’s at KL. I am not sure whr is the exact location. The shop name is Bo Bo Pan Mee. It’s quite famous. Being review in newspaper too. I miss the pan mee so much… Yummy.

    Allie’s last blog post..Finally…

  3. I ate at this stall before too. Agree with others, the chilli is the best. The chilli is dried and crunchy with superb aroma!!
    Vkeong, you must be staying in serdang rite? else how do you know so many nice food in serdang =)

  4. this pan mee is ok,not say really good. i remember i see them when i having dinner beside this stall. i remember this pan mee sell “yong tau foo” and chee cheong fun….rite? But during i went tat time the environment quite dirty leh

    • Yep you are right.. the pan mee is not that fantastic.. ok ok lah. I am not a huge pan mee fan. About the environment.. is really quite dirty lol. What to expect for a stall in front of a car workshop :P

  5. Seri Kembangan is a heaven for good food and especially Pan Mee! Honestly, after trying out SK’s PM, you just don’t feel like eating PM elsewhere. I specifically like the chili and the anchovies, SK style!


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