Peanut Butter Chee Cheong Fun @ Genting Cafe, Island Glades


Just when I thought I am a failed Penangite for having not tasted inarguably the most famous Chee Cheong Fun in the island, I was wrong all the while lol. The Chee Cheong Fun stall I am referring is the one at Genting Cafe nearby Green Lane at Island Glades, where they ingeniously mix the ‘heh ko’ (dark prawn paste) with peanut butter for that special tantalizing touch.


Apparently, I had it once a few years back when I was at the island looking for my new job’s location. And we had our lunch at Genting Cafe shortly after that. In that super noobish post I wrote four years ago I only mentioned the Curry Mee (which in fact was quite the awesome by the way) but nothing about the Chee Cheong Fun.

So, here it is – the famous Peanut Butter Chee Cheong Fun, costing only RM1.70 for the small portion that has two rice noodle rolls. If you looked carefully you will see that there are three hues of colors – brown (peanut butter), dark brown (prawn paste) and red (chilli sauce)
Well, the taste is exactly how you would have imagined – normal Chee Cheong Fun with peanut butter flavor. Good thing is they blend in together so well the addition of peanut butter actually lifts up the overall taste. And of course the peanut butter used here is not those branded ones you could purchase off the shelves in the supermarket. From what I noticed I felt it was home made, much thicker and feels slightly more watery.


The only problem with Genting Cafe would be the lack of seats due to the relatively small coffee shop compounded by the enormous customers. So it’s common to share a table (which we did) Some other recommended foods while you’re at here would be the Curry Mee and Wantan Mee, those are not bad at all. And while you’re at it, the traditional biscuits from the road side stalls just next to Genting Cafe are worth browsing too.


Kedai Kopi Genting Cafe
Lorong Delima 3,
Island Glades, Penang
GPS Coordinates: N05 22.972 E100 18.242
Business Hours: 7.00am – 7.00pm

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  1. Damn, I didnt know anything about the peanut butter mix all this while ! Now I have to worry about aflatoxins…LOL

  2. Wow, peanut butter chee cheong fun, that’s a first for me seeing it (although me still trying to figure out the hue that you’ve mentioned) Good food, that sadly I can’t enjoy.

  3. A nightmare trip to Penang after eating Wan Tan Noodle. It suppose a happy moment trip for me, after touch down, my friend bringing me to this café to eat hawker food. I ordered a Wan Tan Noodle, after I ate it, I feel like the taste like a bit weird. I have a feeling that something not going right, the Pork Leg Seller told me that the soup was overnight. OMG, I can’t take overnight food, this is going to cause me to get diarrhea. I was hopping that this can be over by drinking a lot of water, unfortunately I fall diearrhea the rest of my Penang Trip, which turn my Penang Trip a nightmare. I just want to warn the Visitor to avoid this food if you unable to take non fresh / overnight food like me.


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