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Penang Curry Mee @ Sun Sea Kopitiam, OUG


The search is over, I have found the most authentic Penang Curry Mee in KL, and it’s at OUG‘s Sun Sea Kopitiam. It is also called Kuantan Road Penang Curry Mee, as the brothers who operate the stall used to live at the eponymous street in Penang.

Kuantan Road Penang Curry Mee OUG

First of all, the toppings on the noodle are accurate which include shelled prawns, cockles, cuttlefish, long beans, tofu pok and more importantly – pork blood cubes.
Most of the time, when they make the effort of ensuring the basic ingredients are right, the dish won’t go wrong. And as expected, the curry mee is absolutely delicious and reminds me of home.

OUG Kuantan Road Penang Curry Mee

Other stalls in KL tend to do well in certain aspects, like having excellent soup but missing the essential stuff and vice versa. But the curry mee here has everything, and done exactly how they should be as well.
The soup itself is not the kind you get in the recently-popularized white curry mee. It was prepared with the necessary spices for a light, sweet and slightly spicy base. The slow-cooked dark chili paste on the other hand, adds the much needed aroma and more spiciness to complete the taste.

Penang Curry Mee in KL

The prawns and cockles are extremely fresh, succulent and cooked just right for that desirable texture, and you really can’t complain about the unstinting portion in each bowl @ RM5.50. If there’s anything worth nitpicking, it’d have be the pork blood cubes that felt a tad hard.

Kuantan Road Penang Curry Mee Stall

As far as Penang curry mee goes in KL, this is the real McCoy and also possibly the best version you could get. And of course I am aware that there’s another popular one in SS2 at Restoran Okay notorious for selling out within 2 hours.
But believe it or not I have been there a couple of times as early as 8am and they were never open. I am now starting to think they don’t even exist. So why gamble your precious time on a stall that does not have fixed business hours? Better bank on a surer one like this.

OUG Sun Sea Coffee Shop

Kuantan Road Penang Curry Mee

Sun Sea Kopitiam, Jalan Hujan Rahmat
Taman OUG, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 7am to 1.30pm, closed on Wednesdays

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  1. This stall have been here for like..ages! The father used to mend the stall which is taken over by the son now (dude in pic) Have to agree that this is by far the best penang curry mee I’ve tasted thus far!

  2. Good article about the Penang curry mee.

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  3. Went there on your recommendation and gotta say was utterly disappointed, no offence. And it was cooked by foreigners no less. Curry was one dimensional, with no depth. All you could taste was the chilli oil, which was its only saving grace.

    Luckily the pork noodles was good. Not the ss15/peter pork noodles type, the soup is more ‘ching’ or clear, almost tastes home cooked with little/to no msg

    • Oh ya! totally…. curry mee failed…badly. Nothing near Penang’s at all. All I’ve tasted is just a bowl of “curry” looks a like water full with sugar….

      So sorry to say that.

  4. Authentic and Real McCoy !? I am sorry to say that this Penang Curry Mee failed…. and it failed badly. I have tasted is just a bowl of “curry” looks a like water with sugar….

    So sorry that I have to say that.

  5. Have to agree with AA & KK. Went there twice for lunch but I think sold out. Then 3rd try was on Wed forgetting that the whole coffee shop is closed. 4th time for breakfast struck gold. The soup doesn’t have a “pop” and seems flat (one dimensional as AA mentioned). It was also sweet. The cockles were already cooked, so dipping them into the soup made them chewy. Avoided the pig’s blood cubes -visually didn’t seem convincing.

    The soup tasted like out of MyKuali or Prima packet… possibly due to lack of fresh ingredients in the paste.

    However, the pork noodles in Sun Sea is first class and already starting to be a favorite. Even better ratings than the stall that was in previous Peking Hotel (Brickfields). Please keep our mouths watering with write-ups!


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