Penang Curry Mee @ Taman Sri Rambai – Standard Dropped


Taman Sri Rambai’s night hawker center used to be the place to go for one of the best Penang Curry Mee in Bukit Mertajam. It has always been a favorite of mine and I never fail to have a bowl whenever I go back.


However during my last visit I noticed some changes that I didn’t like. For example the prawns are now served with shells and they were not as fresh as they used to be. They tasted like the reared types instead of those caught from the sea. The sweet, succulent prawns that added much points to the curry mee is no longer an attractive factor. If you’re a long customer of this curry mee stall you will definitely know what I mean.


Even the husband and wife team were no longer cooking and taking orders from the customers. Now, two foreign workers have taken over the tasks. Actually this didn’t really surprise me. Looking at their volume business they had enjoyed in the past years, it’s just a matter of time the owners start to relax.


Although the curry mee was still quite tasty, I couldn’t help but felt there was a slight dip in standard. If you are wondering, yes this is the same style of curry mee sold at Bee Tin, which also uses coconut soup as the broth with separate chili paste. But this has much lesser MSG, and shorter waiting time in comparison.


The Char Koay Teow here is quite good as well, got wok hei. The taste is common and honestly nothing to shout about but still tastes a lot better than those I have tried in KL. GPS Coordinates: N5 20.928 E100 26.788

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  1. Major turn off when you see foreign worker preparing your meal. Not discriminating, but my point is how would someone cooked better than the owner themselves? Sadly, this is beginning to happen more and more here.

  2. Read the stall sign – ” Penang Famous Curry Mee” so it is famous only, to say that this is one of the best Penang Curry Mee is really too much.
    As for the prawn, confirmed are reared prawns, very cheap RM8-12 per kg depends on the size & timing, you can get it from the BM town wet market every morning. The prawn meat tends to stick to the shell when cooked.

  3. Totally agree on the foreigners preparing food. Might as well change to “Indonesia Famous Curry Mee”. Will still go there for the Belachan Chicken though ;p

    • Usually the best people to take over would be the children or relatives. But it’s difficult to find someone to have the interest and heart to carry on the business like the original owner did

  4. totally agree…it cant satisfy me anymore!
    i used to feel satisfied after eating it last time
    btw,belacan chicken is also not nice anymore!


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