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Penang Prawn Mee @ O & S Restaurant, Taman Paramount


After posting Ho Yee Kee‘s prawn mee, I have received numerous recommendations about O & S Restaurant‘s Penang Prawn Mee in Petaling Jaya. Coincidentally, while chatting with my buddies (also from Penang) not too long ago they mentioned about a very good prawn mee in PJ area too. According to them it was so good it exceeds Penang’s standards.
And yeah you guessed it, they were all talking about the same restaurant – O & S. Being unfamiliar with PJ area, I bugged them to bring me there so I could try the noodles for myself.


A normal prawn mee cost RM4 per bowl and you can opt for extra toppings like squid, big whole shelled prawns and pork ribs. Shown here is a bowl with extra pork ribs (3 pieces) at RM7, meaning each pork rib is RM1. The ribs were soft and tasty, I felt they were well worth the extra bucks I paid.


Taste wise, it is awesome! The soup is really cooked faithfully according to Penang’s style, a bit sweet and full of prawny flavor. Just a sip of the soup immediately brought back memories of another good prawn mee I used to have when I was small.
It was during primary school when I used to attend tuition classes at night. Father would then fetch me home on his motorbike and we would go pass this prawn mee stall. The smell alone was so good I always ask my father to stop and tarpao a packet for supper. The taste, is at least 90% similar. If you were born in the 80s like me, you would know that a packet of noodles cost only RM1.20 that time.


Although it’s Penang prawn mee they’re selling, you won’t find any pork meat and fish cakes in the noodle. Not even kangkung. These are some common ingredients you’d find in our Hokkien Mee (our way of calling Prawn Mee)
Anyway, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Because they do give more fresh prawns that come in whole and half an egg. I have seen some hawkers really stinge on the prawns.. where an already very small prawn can be sliced into 4 portions, lol.


If there’s anything to be improved, I guess it would be their attention towards customer’s requests. Because I think the boss is being a bit arrogant here, he doesn’t really bother unless you’re asking for extra toppings (too famous maybe?)
Just for your information I hate fried onions, I never eat them unless it’s for chee cheong fun. So, I always tell the boss to exclude it. Well, you should be able to tell whether my request was entertained looking at the photos, lol. Not trying to be fussy here, but it has happened twice.


Despite having my nemesis swimming in my tasty bowl of prawn soup, I still finished the whole thing happily lol. And the fact that I have to drive 40 minutes to reach here does not bother me at all. Because, the prawn mee is that good.

O & S Coffee Shop
39, Jalan 20/14,
Paramount Gardens, 46300 Petaling Jaya
Location: Wikimapia Map
GPS Coordinates: N3 06.469 E101 37.501

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  1. What a delicious Penang Prawn Mee!! It looks similar with the prawn mee sell in Penang, just that pork ribs ‘lead role’ and the ‘important’ ingredients are ‘missing’ haha…
    By the way, I’ll still look forward to have a try of this ‘Penang Prawn Mee’ at Petaling Jaya ( Although I stay in Penang..) at the next visit to there.. Anyway thanks for recommend this.

    michelle’s last blog post..Simplification…

    vk: Yaloh.. I also feel weird there’s no fish cake and vegetable.. if those were added the Prawn mee sure will look nicer and more appetizing.. more colors ma right

  2. Not only prawn mee, the lor mee is good as well!

    Other stalls that sell chee cheong fun, asam laksa and char kuay teow are also my fave at O&S.

    Relish’s last blog post..A Noble Awakening

    vk: Seems many recommend the CCF, loh mee and laksa.. I think I gotta return for a second round of testing haha. I was there just to try the Prawn Mee only

  3. Hey, notice the word wholesale on their board? What do they mean heh? Imported from Penang?

    vk: Whole sale means they sell the soup base to other hawkers too? So, some other hawkers’ Prawn Mee may taste the same as this one.. I guess

  4. May I ask, where are you actually? ~lol~ Can I request more discoveries at Bayan Lepas, pls?? :P Ahhh…am going there for work purposes….hehehehe…..

    Lushia’s last blog post..Gelato @ Leo’s Cafe

    vk: I am in Selangor actually hehehehe. So, I won’t be blogging about Penang food anymore. For Bayan Lepas food, you may refer to PenangTuaPui lah

  5. wow, that’s very near my place.

    arrogant boss? in that case, i’d rather hold back my cravings until i return to Penang.

    vk: Not really arrogant lah.. just a bit only.. because he doesn’t really bother about special requests. Trust me it’s a lot better than Penang Hokkien Mee. Try it.

  6. O&S is quite famous for having good hawker food and it’s always pretty crowded… but I always end up having something else (like the YTF which is also very popular). Must try this the next time. I hate fried shallots too and yes, very few hawkers layan the request to forgo it.

    jasmine’s last blog post..Frames, TTDI Plaza

  7. That looks like an excellent Hokkien Prawn Mee. I like the big pieces of pork rib. Plus the broth looks very tasty. But do you think RM 7 is a bit much?

    Nate’s last blog post..Homemade Li Hing Margarita

    vk: It certainly is. RM3 for three pieces of pork ribs is expensive. But, I just added it for the sake of trying and blogging.. probably won’t order extra again in future :)

  8. this is a legend. i was staying just right opposite this restaurant was then called ‘tuck seng’ restaurant back in the 80’s. breakfast is always there…and for me this is my forever prawn mee!… got very addicted to it since then. this stall was then ran by the current boss ‘sifu’. the current boss was just a helper then at the stall, recalled when he served me the prawn mee that time. i m one very particular when come to food and till now, this is still the best ever prawn mee i love too much. i’ve moved from paramount garden for 20 years and i m still a regular customer and …. i know the boss for 30 over years now and we are friends. friend is another thing. but the prawn mee is bomb fantastic. my friends and my relatives are all his regular customers till now….salute to his prawn mee @@@

  9. I tried the O&S prawn mee today – 2 Jan 2010.. unfortunately the taste is bland.

    You should try one stall in Kepong Baru in Restoran Fatty Sang (opposite Tai Thong Odean) RM 4 per bowl and also the curry laksa (also RM4)is a must ,served with curry chicken see ham, long beans, tau pok & fried chu pei,,, the best

  10. Hi,

    I would like to share with all that there is this nice Prawn Noodles operating in Pudu since 1968 but have recently moved to Kuchai Lama. I went there recently to try, it’s still very good.

    Madam Chong’s Prawn Noodles House
    22 Dinasti Sentral
    Jln Kuchai Maju 19
    Off Jln Kuchai Lama, KL

    You may want to call Ah Wai at 019-224 7895 before you go as I don’t know when is their off day.

  11. The hawker is from Penang thus having authentic taste of Penang Hokkien Mee, so is his Loh Mee.
    The hawker selling Assam Laksa and Curry mee also from Penang, therefore the tastiest assam laksa that can be found in PJ area.
    I went there few months ago, Prawn mee or Hokkien mee is still as nice as it used to be.


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