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Petite Patisserie @ Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya & 10 Free Frozen Mousse Cakes


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With so many established multinational companies and universities in Cyberjaya, there are bound to be a lot of events and celebrations. And when it comes to birthday occassions, I bet most of you get the cakes from that cake chain shop (you know which) So if you are already bored of the usual offerings, there is an alternative now – Petite Patisserie located at the newly opened Shaftsbury Square.

Chocolate Dream – This delicious combination of rich chocolate mousse, chocolaty sponge and smooth praline mousse is set to melt in your mouth

Strawberry Delight – This light-as-air strawberry cake is filled with a sweet-tart strawberry mousse between layers of delicate vanilla sponge

Mango Madness – Bite into this fruity refreshing mango cake that is filled with silky smooth mango mousse between layers of vanilla sponge

Firstly, some introduction and background on Petite Patisserie. Frozen mousse cakes are their specialties and each and every cake sold here is imported from Singapore. Currently, the cakes come in three flavors: Mango Madness, Strawberry Delight and Chocolate Dream and are sold at RM49 each in its plain form, recommended for tea break or snacking purpose.


There are also the decorated ones @ RM60 each, which are of course more beautifully looking and perfect for special occasions.
And if you are feeling creative, you could even decorate the cakes yourself or with your loved ones, hence making the celebration even more fun and memorable. You don’t even need to bring anything because there are various cake decoration ingredients that could be purchased at the shop (at discounted price) and better still, Karen (in house Pastry Chef) would be there to assist you.


One of the cake decor that you and your loved ones may be able to create here.


Quality ingredients are the key to great tasting food – cakes included. Petite Patisserie’s cakes are made with pure and imported ingredients (eg. 100% mango and strawberry puree and Belgium chocolate) and there are absolutely no artificial preservatives and flavors added. From the look, you could clearly see the generous amount of mousse filling in each cake, as each the mousse layers is visibly thicker than the sponge cake.
One immediate difference you would taste in the cakes is the light yet creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture despite looking dense and rich. Coupled with a well-balanced flavor and sweetness, it is easy to indulge and enjoy these cakes without feeling ‘jelak’ afterwards. So don’t be surprised if you find one slice is never enough.



Besides cakes, Petite Patisserie also sells house baked cookies and a couple of delectable French desserts like Creme Brulee (RM3.90) and Meringue.


I could go on and on about the cake but no amount of words could describe it better than tasting it for yourself. As a token of appreciation to my readers’ support, I have persuaded Petite Patisserie to give away 10 cakes (worth RM49 each) to 10 of my blog’s readers. If you are wondering, the cake would look like the photo above.
And as usual, there are no fancy rules to win these delicious cakes. You just need to submit a comment at the end of this post and try to make it as creative as possible. We (Petite Petisserie and I) will then pick the top 10 best comments and the winners shall collect the free cakes from the outlet – simple as that. But of course, some minor terms and conditions:
1. Winners must pick up the cakes from Petite Patisserie Cyberjaya, no delivery
2. Please allow two days notice before collecting the cakes
3. Winners will be notified via email
4. The cakes are made with HALAL ingredients



Petite Patisserie
P1-27, Shaftbury Square
2350 Persiaran Multimedia
Cyber 6, 63000 Cyberjaya
Tel: 03 8322 4669
Website: http://www.petitepatisserie.com.my
Business hours: 11am to 7.30pm (Mon-Fri) Sat: 12:00 pm to 7:30 pm Closed on Sundays

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