Phang Key Dim Sum @ Happy Garden

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I just returned from a dim sum breakfast in Happy Garden. Thanks to Chong for pointing this out to me. Happy Garden is located somewhere between Sri Petaling and OUG if I am not mistaken.. I have no idea where to go for good dim sum in Kuala Lumpur. They are either too expensive or received bad reviews from fellow floggers (food bloggers). So, I ended up in Phang Key Restaurant after extensive researching on Google lol.

dim sum

The dim sum is good and fresh. The variety is OK with the usual steamed or fried dim sum. There’s also a porridge stall next to it and I seen quite a number of people ordering it, should be nice.

dim sum

I had no time to compose nice shots because dim sum gets cold very fast, even if they just came out hot from the steamers. So, the photos are kinda lousy hehe. But I had warm dim sum, so yay for me. Everytime I have dim sum, I will get extremely sleepy after that. I wonder if it’s because of too much meat? Or because of the ingredients they used for the dim sum? Do you have the same feeling?

phang key dim sum restaurant

I was lucky to have dim sum in Phang Key.. I was a bit hesitant at first because it has only 1 blog review online. So I guess after this post there’d be two reviews now. Will I return to Phang Key again? Of course! My next dim sum destination would be Yan Yan Dim Sum Restaurant at Old Klang Road, which is also quite unknown among floggers. Wish me luck hehe.

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