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Pho 10 @ Ly Quoc Su Street, Hanoi


There are plenty of places to enjoy the national dish of Vietnam in Hanoi. But if you are one of those who prefer to be on the safer side in terms of language and hygiene, Pho 10 should be on your consideration list. Now, I have eaten at the dingy places and classy restaurants in Hanoi and Pho 10 ranks somewhere between them.
Imagine the typical coffee shops in Malaysia – busy, generally littered with tissue paper and the drain next to the entrance is clogged with food waste. Also, expect very tight spaces and you most probably have to share a table with strangers


That being said, the pho here definitely meets the mark being authentic, delicious and affordable. An English menu is available so all you need to do is point at the one you fancy. There are 10 types of beef noodles with the main difference of beef such as fillet, brisket or flank and their respective doneness. Price wise, they range from 35,000 dong to 100,000 dong which is roughly about 2 to 5 US dollar.


Short and plump crullers are usually eaten along with pho and you’d be surprised at how well they complement the aromatic and flavorful soup.


A few condiments such as chilli sauce, lime and pickled chillies are provided to complete the experience.



Although good and recommended, this was not the best pho we had in Hanoi. We found a better alternative at a more run-down establishment not too far from Pho 10. It was void of tourists and I don’t think it received as many mentions on blogs and other travel sites compared to Pho 10. As the saying goes for us Malaysians, the dirtier the place, the better the food.

Pho 10,
10 Ly Quoc Su Street,
Hanoi, Vietnam

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