Pizza Hut Mexican Fiesta Bonanza

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Oh I am too late to blog about this lol. Pizza Hut already has a new promotion “Golden Happiness Cheesy Crown” going on in conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year! Since I already have the photos, might as well cincai talk about it lah. Before this CNY promotion, they had this Mexican Fiesta Bonanza which started November last year. Wow that’s three months ago already lol.


The only reason I went to try this was because I won some Pizza Hut cash vouchers from a competition held by my company. Else I’d be heading to US Pizza if I really wanted a pizza fix.

mexican fiesta pan pizza

The special things about this Mexican Fiesta Pan Pizza are the shape and the corn chips stuck on top of each pizza slice.

mexican wrap

Then there was this Mexican Wrap that looked so damn nice on the advertisement but came out like this, so miserable looking. Too bad Pizza Hut has taken down the promotional photos from their website. If not I could have shown you the differences. Pizza Hut always cheat the customers like this..

mexican passion fizz

Lastly the drinks, the so called Mexican Passion Fizz which were actually just a mixture of 7up with some fruit cordial. Add on RM1 and it will be upgraded to mock-tail, which they just add some pineapple pieces and a slice of lemon as the decoration, lol! Note to self: use any cash vouchers for KFC in future.

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