Podgy & The Banker + @ Verve Shops, Mont Kiara


Went to Podgy & The Banker + at their Verve Shops’ branch to day for brunch. Suffice to say it was a disappointing experience and had me wonder how they have the nerve to claim themselves as “Best One of Top 10 Cafes in KL”.
Are people nowadays so easily blinded by a cafe/restaurant’s decor that they could just ignore the quality of the food being served? Yes it might look pretty and very Instagrammable but ultimately it’s going into your mouth so the taste does matter!


My Carbonara @ RM18 was not only overcooked, the plate that it was served in was filthy as well. You might not be able to see it from the photo but from up close it had lots of visible oil stain and fingerprint marks. I wouldn’t have noticed it if not for the excellent natural light from the windows. Ironic, eh?


It takes a lot to screw up a simple Chicken Chop but that’s exactly what Podgy & The Banker managed to accomplish. The breading was a soggy mess and the skin underneath was practically drenching in oil – it’s quite disgusting. Freaking RM22 for this plate of fail.


Well to be fair the coffee was alright; pretty standard compared to the hundreds of other caf├ęs in KL. I wouldn’t mind having a cuppa at this place to meet up with friends.




Besides Podgy & The Banker +, there are a couple more eateries in the area. Unless they buck up their food quality, I’d advise against having a meal here. For a drink, maybe. After this visit it really made me appreciate La Cafe Memoire, where food is affordably priced and more importantly, prepared with respect and not for Instagram purposes.



Podgy & The Banker +
G-3, Verve Shops Mont Kiara
No. 8, Jalan Kiara 5

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  1. I must say, if you were to visit Huckleberry Food & Fare, it was a disappointing lunch affair to me. Good homemade bread and pastries and coffee but not their food. They charged RM1 to slice their bread, which it put me off to sample some of their bread while having my lunch. Sigh.


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