Pondok Satay – Excellent Satay @ USJ, Subang Jaya

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It is quite difficult to find a satay restaurant in Klang Valley which is able to rival Haji Samuri’s Sate Kajang. So when a close friend mentioned of a very good satay restaurant called Pondok Satay in USJ, I went to try it immediately the next day. With a GPS in hand (thankfully), I managed to find the place with relative ease.


My first thought when I saw Pondok Satay was “why is it so hidden??” Because the shop itself is not visible from the main road, and you actually have to go behind the shop lots to find it.
With such limited exposure no wonder the place rarely receive any mention. Another question mark for me is the price of the satay – 62 cents for a stick of chicken satay? Why the two cents lol.


After placing our orders, the guy went to prepare our satay.


Since we were only there to try instead of having a full meal, we ordered only 5 chicken (sate ayam) and 5 mutton satay (sate kambing). Unlucky for us, beef satay (sate daging) was not available on that particular day.


Similar to Haji Samuri, peanut sauce and sambal are served separately at Pondok Satay. This is different from the normal satay stalls where only 1 type of sauce is served, and it’s usually sweet too.
Although the sambal given looked little, it was actually more than enough because of its spiciness. We didn’t have to mix a lot of sambal into the peanut sauce, a mere spoonful was enough to provide the kick.


These are the 62-cents-a-stick chicken satay – meaty with little fat yet wonderfully juicy and tender. Simply delicious, no doubt able to give Haji Samuri a run for their money.


Each stick of mutton satay is RM0.90 and it packed more flavor if compared to chicken satay. But being more flavorful doesn’t necessarily means it would taste better, it’s just that mutton naturally does have a stronger smell and taste if compared to chicken meat. So it’s really up to your own preference of meat.


If you are a satay lover and want to try something new instead of always going back to Haji Samuri, which by the way has already dominated the satay business in Klang Valley, do give Pondok Satay a try. Based on my own experience I am sure you won’t be disappointed. If you are unable to visit USJ, another alternative I would recommend is Sen Kee’s Duck Satay @ Kepong (not halal though!)

Pondok Satay
9 USJ 8/2 B (behind 7 Eleven)
Subang Jaya
Tel: 012-393 5590, 012-311 5590
Opens daily from 3.30pm to 2am.

GPS Coordinates: N3 02.622 E101 35.406
Wikimapia location: Satay Pondok

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