Pork Ball Noodles & Pan Mee @ Kedai Kopi Kuan Lee, TTDI


We did not have the chance to try every stall at Kuan Lee but the Pan Mee and Pork Ball Noodles were delicious enough to stand out from the rest. Generally speaking, the prices here are still reasonable hovering around RM5 with decent portion sizes.


Everything about the Pork Ball Noodles was delicious and there is simply nothing to complain about this honest and well-prepared dish. The clear looking soup packs a punch of flavour while the minced meat, meat balls and sliced Chinese sausages were very flavorful but not overly salty. Personally, I’d recommend asking for more of those addictive Chinese sausages, they taste quite different from the normal ones.

Pan Mee Chee Cheong Fun

I also like the Pan Mee here for the noodles’ slightly chewy yet springy texture. It’s well seasoned as well and everything on top tasted nice and fresh. The lime chilli sauce was perfectly concocted to add a spicy, appetizing zing to complete the experience. The only downside is the waiting time, as the stall is rather popular and noodles are prepared fresh so it could take a while before your order arrives.
There’s nothing fancy nor special about the chee cheong fun here, it’s served with yong tau fu and tasted pretty much how you would expect it to be. At least it wasn’t bad.


The curry laksa is decent with generous amount of topping but it felt like something was missing to make it great. On hindsight, maybe I should had tried the fish head noodle instead – it is sold by the same stall, looks good and many customers were having it.


Kedai Kopi Kuan Lee is open only for breakfast and lunch.

Kedai Kopi Kuan Lee
18, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL

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