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Prawn Mee & Nyonya Laksa @ Kedai Kopi Juat Lye, Melaka


Based on Juat Lye‘s secluded location, I think not many people know about its existence except for the locals. But if you are dropping by Melaka for a visit and in the mood of having Penang style prawn mee, then it’s a great place worth a detour.
This coffee shop is quite difficult to look for so just look for “Kedai Kopi Juat Lye” under Waze (I added that and it was approved) for your ‘food hunting’ convenience.


Maybe I am too used to having prawn noodles with minimal toppings (and those pitiful thin prawn slices), I was quite surprised with the generous amount of ingredients they put into it.
There’s a handful of pork slices, a couple of full-sized prawns, fish cakes and a lot of kangkung in this bowl of noodles that cost only about RM4.50 – if I remember correctly. Taste wise, it’s undeniably delicious and the soup was packed with a strong prawn flavour that felt real and natural, and not artificially enhanced with liberal use of MSG.


Their Nyonya Laksa is another famous dish here and could be worth a try, albeit slightly salty for my liking. Otherwise, it’s pretty enjoyable and I can see why it’s well received here. But for the really good ones, I’d recommend Bess Koptiam‘s or Yung Lai Siang‘s instead.


I don’t usually post about the drinks but when they’re this good, I think they are worth a mention. The kopi they make is aromatic and ‘kao’, simply satisfying.



If you truly want to know where the Malaccans eat at, just come to Juat Lye and experience it yourself.

Kedai Kopi Juat Lye
371G, Jalan Melor 2
Taman Peringgit Jaya, Melaka
Tel: 06-283 3619
Business hours: 7.30am – 2.30pm (Closed on Mondays)

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