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Puchong Yong Tau Fu @ Puchong


Yeah, I know the title sounds weird. But, that’s the name for this famous and delicious yong tau fu restaurant in Puchong, simply “Puchong Yong Tau Fu”. I was actually brought here by my housemate who discovered the restaurant long time ago. Since then, I have been here a couple of times and it could have been more if not for the toll between Puchong and Cyberjaya.


The yong tau fu here is made fresh. Means, you choose the items like brinjals, lady’s fingers (okra), chili and the cook will stuff them with meat after that. I guess it’s safe to say that the yong tau fu here is really fresh and nothing is prepared beforehand.
I don’t know if you noticed, some yong tau fu restaurants already prepared the items earlier. So, when an order is made, they simply deep fry them again. We should insist on fresh food, no?


This is the way I like my yong tau fu, with soup. If you are here, the one thing you must definitely try is the deep fried tofu (tofu pok) sandwiched with pork meat. It’s super crispy! Honestly I was quite surprised that tofu pok can taste so good lol. Shown here is the set the cook customized for four of us. It cost a little under RM10 for each of us.


On my second vist, we ordered the Ji Bao Gai (paper wrapped chicken) If you remembered I said something about Ji Bao Gai being cold, this is it. Too bad, because of that the Ji Bao Gai didn’t score high points for me. I wonder if you could ask the cook to re-heat them or something? I will find out next time OK.


I am not a big fan of brinjals (ai gua) but SL is, it’s her favorite in yong tau fu. So, I only take the meat and leave the brinjals for her, lol.


Here, the restaurant can be easily spotted as it’s located just opposite SK Puchong Batu school. Overall, very nice and highly recommended. Just for clarification that’s not my car OK lol. Try to get here an hour before or after school as the traffic can get a little congested.
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