Queensbay Old Town Kopitiam


old town queensbay

OldTown Kopitiam at Queensbay has more food and drinks available for order compared to the other branches.

old town queensbay

old town twin white coffee

One of them is Twin White Shake, a much thicker version of the usual iced white coffee. Priced at RM3.80, it is only available cold and its serving size is very small. It was a nice try, but next time I will stick to the usual iced white coffee lol.

nasi rendang chicken

Another item is Nasi Rendang Chicken (RM7.80) It sure looked yummy but does not taste as good as Nasi Lemak Special and Curry Chicken Rice. Just my opinion-lah.. the sambal was excellent though ;)

double butter toast

We had to try this, Double Butter Toast (RM2.00) It’s on the chef’s recommendation list and every table ordered one. So we figured that it should be good. It tasted good alright, the toast was really crunchy. But the butter wasn’t oozing out from the toast as depicted in the menu :P

old town curry mee

Curry Mee (RM5.80) was ok, the gravy was not thick enough. Penang hawkers’ curry mee is still the best.

old town white coffee

Lastly, Old Town White Coffee that I can never get enough of lol.

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  1. Wow! U r really good in taking food picture till u really up value the food ! A simple white coffee can b so tempting under yr skill. Old town kopitiam is so normal in KL and we can find it anywhere. Sometimes, a bit bored with toasted bread with kaya n butter. DUnno any creative person can create something like cranberry wt roasted chicken with toasted bread selling in kopitiam…haha

  2. I regretted that when I went back to Penang in december I didn’t drop by Queensbay mall… the place sounds to be a really exciting place teeming with life (by reading your blog posts…), so I must really go there next time! ;)

  3. Jackson – wow, cranberry with roasted chicken lol. If you encountered any that does this remember to let me know :P I sure would love to try.

    ipohwav3 – Yeah me too. But Old Town Kopitiam’s coffee is the next best thing.. can’t go to Ipoh every weekend lol.

    YenLi – Hmm, didn’t really notice that they have Kopi O on the menu. Will keep an eye open for that next time ;)

    teddY – Well.. for Penangites it’s quite a place.. but still nothing compared to KL or Singapore’s shopping complexes. Recently I like to hang around in the Borders bookstore :)

    drumsticks – Thanks!

  4. got sumbody tell me,how can get the franchising of old town kopitiam?i m hav interest to open it,how much is the franchise price?thx…

  5. I think you can get the info if you refer to the staff at the counter of Old Town Kopitiam…
    btw, vkeong, I’ve “tagged” you! do drop by to see what I mean, ok? ;)

  6. Dear Danny, Queensbay currently does not have any Wi-Fi points. However, it will be available soon because we have agreed to designate OT Queensbay as a hotspot under Telekom Malaysia. Unfortunately, the installation date has not been set yet. I’m sure it will not be too long from now. E-gate will not have a wi-fi point due to the fact that that area already has a strong signal emanating from Starbuck’s.

    Senior Area Manager – OldTown Kopitiam Butterworth

  7. Hi All,

    I’m Brandon representing Foodtiam Corporation Sdn Bhd.
    We just launch our franchise program under the brand name of Foodtiam.
    We are looking for franchisee who are interested to open a kopitiam outlet.
    You can contact me thru 012-3887883 or email brandonlcj@yahoo.com.
    Our HQ is at Seremban 2.
    If you come across Seremban then maybe you can drop by.

  8. Foodtiam the food is suck. Taste like shit.

    Wow, what’s your experience? Care to share? I myself do not go to OldTown Kopitiam anymore, the quality has dropped so much compared to the 1st time I went in Petaling Street

  9. “Foodtiam the food is suck, taste like shit ” i am totally agree, that day went with my gf…..the services so bad + food is not hot and taste is bad !

    Want to copy old town , but still not 100% copy.

    Make me feel malu go there.

  10. I went to their new outlet in Ara Damansara NZX.
    Tastefully done and I like their Asam Laksa a lot.
    No need to go Penang to eat already.
    Taste like Penang, looks like Penang but its in Foodtiam Coffee.

  11. I went there too and I tried their chicken char siew wan tan mee.
    Not bad and their signature so call ice wheat grass milk tea is my new finding to replace milk tea instead

  12. Brandon , your foodtiam concept can’t work.

    If your busienss model not yet ready and keep looking Investor , it will not as stable as old town.

    If Copy old town must have some thing change , can’t 100% copy even the food so expensive and the drink not tasty.

    For those who wish invest in foodtiam must reconsider.

  13. hey, I’ve not tried the food at foodtiam but I guess the guy who commented about the food “sucks” is too over. If the staff treated you badly, you should just talk abt the service. Your taste must have some problem bcoz I see lots of ppl at foodtiam at a shopping complex.

  14. u al have try the ipoh town kopitiam at oug , and u all must drink white coffe and the foods , then u all can compare

  15. Love the food but Very bad service for Queensbay Old Town outlet.Went a few times with my friends. Yet everytime we waited very long for our food. There was a time i took my friends from kl for meal and he waited for 45 mins for his food. And when we tell the staff they just ignored. So how can u charge servise charge when the service is poor and staff is not polite at all to the customer. People won’t mind to pay for the service charge if the staff is polite n service is excellent. Hope will see improvement on my next visit.

  16. im from queensbay old town kopitiam ive been working from there for just a year only, i like the place and the boss they are very good for everything.. and the food so nice and good i hope that i can be part of there team again.. thankx and more power. regards to musarafah

  17. anybody have any idea how long one would spent time hanging eating and drinking at a kopitiam and how much the spent??

    other than good food, what the pulling factor for a customer to return back to the same kopitiam..

    vk: I don’t think Old Town is serving good food anymore. They have increased the price too… If I have a choice, I’d never eat at Old Town anymore

  18. What the hell is kopitiam 100% workers are all Bangla. They should called Bangla Kopitiam. Why Malaysia owner cant hire local. We should boycott them ok

  19. Jackson: if Old Town Kopitiam has Roasted Chicken with cranberry sauce served with toasted bread, then it is not the authenticity of Old Town, that is more to Western style


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