Queensbay Old Town Kopitiam

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old town queensbay

OldTown Kopitiam at Queensbay has more food and drinks available for order compared to the other branches.

old town queensbay

old town twin white coffee

One of them is Twin White Shake, a much thicker version of the usual iced white coffee. Priced at RM3.80, it is only available cold and its serving size is very small. It was a nice try, but next time I will stick to the usual iced white coffee lol.

nasi rendang chicken

Another item is Nasi Rendang Chicken (RM7.80) It sure looked yummy but does not taste as good as Nasi Lemak Special and Curry Chicken Rice. Just my opinion-lah.. the sambal was excellent though ;)

double butter toast

We had to try this, Double Butter Toast (RM2.00) It’s on the chef’s recommendation list and every table ordered one. So we figured that it should be good. It tasted good alright, the toast was really crunchy. But the butter wasn’t oozing out from the toast as depicted in the menu :P

old town curry mee

Curry Mee (RM5.80) was ok, the gravy was not thick enough. Penang hawkers’ curry mee is still the best.

old town white coffee

Lastly, Old Town White Coffee that I can never get enough of lol.

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