Ramadhan Buffet – Warisan Rasa Melayu @ One World Hotel Petaling Jaya


Cinnamon Coffee House of One World Hotel is launching a Ramadhan Buffet Dinner with the theme Warisan Rasa Melayu starting from 19 August to 20 September 2009. The highlight of the buffet is a feature of Ramadhan Delights from the 13 States in Malaysia such as Nasi Kandar, Pulut Kuning Berlauk, Nasi Kerabu Berlauk, Nasi Dagang, Pulut Serawa Durian, Pulut Manga, Nasi Ulam and many more.


I attended the buffet’s pre-launch last Friday and here are some of the Ramadhan favorites along with a few other international dishes.


This is the main buffet section where the Ramadhan Delights from the 13 states were placed at. A total of 8 menus will be rotating throughout the Ramadhan Buffet so it’s pretty much a new dining experience in each visit.


Here are some of the dishes that I enjoyed. Starting with Udang Sambal Petai Asli prepared using fresh huge prawns. The sambal was flavored well – not too spicy nor too sweet, just nice for everyone.


Siput Sedut Masak Lemak (aka Balitong, a kind of sea snail) – a spicy and savoury dish that was more of a appetizer for me actually.


The snails had their ‘tails’ removed, revealing a small opening where the flesh would be sucked out. It was quite an addicting and fun thing to do lol.


Nasi Dagang, a popular dish in Kelantan and Terengganu is the chef’s specialty and also one of the highly sought food in the buffet for its rarity. Of course, the tastiness played a huge part in its popularity too – being rich and aromatic.


The satays were good, especially the chicken satays – meaty, tender and delicious enough to be enjoyed on itself.


Usually I am not a fan of mussels, maybe because I haven’t found any mussel dish cooked to my liking. But the chef had cooked Kupang Sambal Cili to my liking.. a little spicy and delicious.


Not to be missed is the Roasted New-Zealand Lamb, available at the carving stall with a selection of mint or black pepper sauces.


The Briyani Rice was deliciously flavorful so it’s highly recommended.


Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri – a great dish that goes well with rice.


For dessert, I absolutely loved the Pulut Serawa Durian and Pulut Manga. Although Pulut (glutinous rice) is very filling, you really gotta spare some space for these Malay specialties.
The creamy durian gravy was flavorful, not too sweet and could be enjoyed even by non-durian lovers. Pulut Manga on the other hand was drenched in coconut milk and had bits of sweet and refreshing mangoes.
If you are a durian lover then the Pulut Serawa Durian is a MUST. But if you fancy something not too strong in flavor then the latter would be more suitable.


Apart from the Malay cuisine, there were Chinese, Western and Japanese cuisines too. Despite being limited in selection, the halal dim sum was good.


Assorted steamed buns.


There were two types of soup available when we were there: Tomato Basil Soup and Winter Melon and Chicken Soup. I honestly didn’t expect much from soups when it comes to buffet but both of them were surprisingly tasty!


An interesting section in the buffet was the Lok Lok / Steamboat station, where you have a selection of seafood and meat skewers ready to be cooked in boiling water then dip them into the peanut sauce provided. Although prawns and even scallops were available, I didn’t like really them because they were tasteless.


This was actually my first time trying Chi Kut Teh. Although it was not as good as the non-halal counterpart I have to say it was not bad at all for the herby soup.


Seafood, sushi and sashimi from the Japanese section. They were OK.




This could be the children’s favorite (mine too lol) Endless flowing chocolate from the Chocolate Fountain to be dipped with fruit and marshmallow skewers – who would resist it?


Cookies and cakes available for the dipping in the Chocolate Fountain.


Ketupat, and you can mix your own rojak here.



Japanese food section


Breads and buns


The Ikan Bakar section. You can pick the fish you want and the chefs will prepare it for you.


Dessert section


Kurma Cake


Assorted cakes – the cheesecake with berries was the best.




Cinnamon Coffee House is a vibrant restaurant with a seating capacity of 260 persons and facilities like Surau are available for Muslim guests. Guests can have an Al Fresco dining experience if they want by proceeding to the respective area, which somewhat resembles a pool side and Bubur Lambuk is available.

Ramadhan Buffet Dinner (19th August to 20 September 2009):
RM98++ per adult
RM49++ per child aged 4 to 12 years

Cinnamon Coffee House – One World Hotel
First Avenue,
Bandar Utama City Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

For reservations, please call 03-7681 1166 / 1157.

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  1. indeed a tad pricey, RM98 for a buffet meal with limited choices.
    though I may be biased, for the lack of sashimi, oysters, and good beef seems unjustified. :)

    interesting desserts though, tempting pulut serawa durian and mangga.

    • Actually there were many more items from the main buffet section featuring Malay food that I didn’t mention. Lots of crabs, clams and fish cooked in different style. Was in a rush so didn’t manage to try everything. I do agree that RM98++ would be a hindrance to many on a budget as there are many choices around.

  2. went there quite a few times during ramadhan last year,at first the food was nice and flavorful and they replenished the food quite quick,but by the end of ramadhan the foods started to taste bland , and the food they replenished were rather slow.

  3. Went there alone today. Variety kind of food… the price after tax is RM112.70. The food is great and the layout of the buffet is not that crowdy. Maybe they should specify and label the food with the state it comes from, so that foreigner or maybe even Malaysian now which food comes from which state. They said the food comes from the 13 states of Malaysia…so which is which. At least when we dine here we can get some knowledge from it..hihihihi… I dont know if is there is Sabahan or Sarawakian food at the menu…Anyone?


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