[RANT] Din Tai Fung @ The Gardens

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I went to Taipei two years ago and had a meal at Din Tai Fung‘s first and original branch. As I recall it was an OK experience, the food was nothing too spectacular but I did enjoy their XiaoLongBao. But seriously the standards of Din Tai Fung at The Gardens is so bad I think it is doing a lot of damage to its reputation.


I never really liked Dragon-I but I still give credit where it is due. They dish up better XiaoLongBao than Din Tai Fung (The Gardens) that’s for sure.


The La Mian is a joke. It has no texture at all and the soup is tasteless. And don’t get me started on the so-called Prawn Wantons, made of 80% wanton skin and 20% of bland filling.


Fried Rice with Pork Chop, sounds like a great combo but it was in fact disastrous. The fried rice was bland with zero wok hei and the pork chop was hard and rubbery and chewy and tasted so flat so one dimentional of sweetness. Simply disappointing. I hardly never finish my food (I even forced myself to finish the bowl of epic fail La Mian earlier) so this is an indication of how bad it was for me.


Since I was having fried rice I wanted some soupy thing to keep things not so dry. So I ordered an extra bowl of shrimp wanton soup. If I knew the wantons were going to fail so hard I would have not made the order. I am not making this up, just look at the photo and tell me what you see. Wanton or floating wanton skins? LOL. I could laugh now because I think it’s funny for a international restaurant chain as big as Din Tai Fung to serve this. But at that moment I felt really ripped off.


There was a queue outside the restaurant before and after my meal. I am seriously baffled, I do not understand the buzz that is surrounding Din Tai Fung. I wonder if the customers are new like me, or they are returning customers? Why would anyone return anyway?! To end this post, I would like to borrow a few words from TheGutterFood team, I “up car” and shat brix at Din Tai Fung.

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