Rasa Sayang International Buffet @ Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa

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Rasa Sayang International Buffet is priced at RM96 per pax excluding 5% Government tax and 10% service charge. It is held in Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa along Batu Ferringhi Beach in Penang. Spice Market Cafe hosts the buffet this is the contact information:

Tel: 04-888 8888 (wow nice number)
Fax: 04-881 1800

chocolate fountain

Chocolate Fountain, you can dip fruits like strawberry, dragon fruit and marshmallows. It is definitely a wonderful experience if you haven’t seen a Chocolate Fountain before. The melted chocolate oozing like a fountain is really a sight to behold.

seafood buffet

A variety of seafood is available at the buffet, like mussels..


Fresh crayfish

fresh prawn

Fresh prawns


Fresh lobsters


Fresh crabs

beef salami

Beef salami, chicken salad and vegetable salad


A dedicated staff is assigned to grill the satays, feel free to take as much as you want. There’s even lamb satay here.


Breads and buns

sushi buffet

Sushi is also available. But we found the sushi rice was not fully cooked, felt a bit hard. The unagi was tasteless, awful and cold. They didn’t felt like they were freshly prepared..

peanut butter cake

Then there were a lot of very delicious looking desserts with very artistic decorations. Doesn’t the decoration resemble a crown on top of the cake?


Some chocolate cakes and strawberry desserts lined up for grabs

cheese cake

Cheese cake


Please note that only coffee, tea and plain water are available free of charge. If you wish to order fresh fruit juice, wine or other drinks, those are considered extra charges.


Desserts served in cups and pastries, don’t they look delicate?


The nicest dessert among all for me would be the one most behind. It’s a small piece of chocolate cake prepared using a lot, and I mean a lot of chocolate.


This looks nice, but no. I didn’t quite like it because it felt too moist and wet. And the shell shaped thingy is actually made of white chocolate.


Chocolate mousse with lotsa cream and topped with a piece of chocolate painted with gold. I am not sure if it’s real gold though lol. If it is, then this must have cost a lot to prepare.

rasa sayang buffet

I remembered reading another forwarded email about this international buffet where dim sum being was served. I think that’s only available for lunch buffet? Can anyone clarify on this? For your information, the buffet I attended was held at night. And lastly, all photos are for reference purpose only. Happy buffet-ing!

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