Rasah Char Koay Teow (Extra Cockles) @ Pin Xiang Lou, Seremban

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Recently, a Char Koay Teow stall in Seremban went viral because of the ridiculous amount of cockles (siham) they serve. The plate was topped with so much cockles that you can’t even see the noodle underneath.


It made us wonder if it was actually cockles with fried noodle instead. Our curiosity was aroused hence we decided to drop by 品香楼 to check it out last weekend while en route to Melaka.

Rasah Char Koay Teow Temiang Seremban

Due to their new found fame, customers are expected to self-service and carry the noodle themselves. I don’t think this was due to arrogance or whatsoever, just that they are too overwhelmed with orders and don’t have the capacity to do it.


Anyway, here’s what you get for topping up the cockles for additional RM3. The normal version @ RM5 comes with only a spoonful of cockles and without any other seafood ingredients.


If you are not comfortable with eating raw or half-cooked cockles, let the uncle know that you want them cooked together with the noodle. Additional egg can be added for an extra RM1 too. At fist glance, it didn’t look as outrageous compared to what were shared by the other customers.

Seremban Char Koay Teow Peeling Cockles

Maybe that’s because his cockles were running out fast and he started to hold back on them. From what I overheard, the stall owner takes in 20kg of cockles daily which is equivalent to a large bag of rice. That’s really a lot of cockles for an unsasuming CKT stall.


Flavor wise the CKT is average at best and if not for the lard and fresh and juicy cockles, it would have probably been pretty normal stuff as the ‘wok hei’ is kind of weak too.
Having said that, I did not regret coming here because for me, it’s the experience that counts. Plus, the wait wasn’t as bad as I thought. All in all, I think there’s no harm giving this CKT a try.

Rasah Koay Teow Goreng Seremban Temiang

Pin Xiang Lou Pence Seremban Temiang Restaurant

For those who are serious in trying the CKT with loads of cockles added, the recommended time to reach here is before 10am.

Rasah Koay Teow Goreng

Pence Food Court (Pin Xiang Lou 品香楼)
Jalan Seng Meng Lee, 70200 Seremban
Business hours: 7am – 2pm, Closed on Wednesdays

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