Recipe wanted: Kam Heong Lala

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Since tasting Kam Heong Lala (clams) in Kepong last year, I have fallen in love with this dish. In KL, almost all hawker centres have a stall designated to sell lala alongside with ikan bakar. Sadly, in Penang only seafood restaurants sell this type of dish. After constant bugging lol, my mom finally tried to cook lala Kam Heong style. We followed a Kam Heong Clams recipe found in Kuali and the outcome dish was a disappointment. Because although it tasted nice, it wasn’t the same taste I had back in KL.

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We tried and tried (even with siput) but still cannot manage to get the desired taste. So I am asking if anyone reading this knows any good Kam Heong recipes, please share it with me? Thanks!

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