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Restoran Yu Ai Seafood Noodles @ Segambut


Despite the many good reviews about Yu Ai restaurant’s seafood noodles at Segambut, I have to disagree with most of them. In fact, this will be the last place I would consider for a bowl of noodles simply because the soups are just laden with MSG.



No doubt the noodles are brimming with seafood and they are fairly fresh too. But they also come with a hefty price tag. Do expect to spend more than RM20 if you were to indulge in the most elaborate order with a drink included.

I will be honest to tell you when I was here the first time, I was quite excited too see my bowl of curry noodles arrived. It looked promising and you certainly can’t complain about the amount of different seafood they give. My first sip of the soup made me very happy because it was thick, aromatic and flavorful. Then the reality hits your taste buds, it was all credited to the heavy MSG usage – so much I feel it is borderline unethical.








So is a food still worth raving about if the success is based on artificial flavoring? You be the judge.

Restoran Yu Ai
42, Jalan Segambut Utara, 51200 KL.
GPS Coordinates: N3 11.051 E101 40.561
Business hours: 8am – 5pm

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